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Win Government Contracts as a Consultant!

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Is it possible to make money in the government marketplace as a consultant? Yes, it is. And in this blog, we’ll show you the winning process! on how to Win Government Contracts as a Consultant.


As a government contracting consultant, you will represent different businesses. However, you will represent no one if you don’t even try to find your own clients

With this, you need to reach out to small or big business owners who may be searching for consultants but for those who are not yet in the marketplace, you can ask them if they are interested.

“The first thing I will say, anyway, about here who’s interests of being a consultant is identify a potential client and then send them an email. Say, ‘Hey listen, you know, I’m now learning about government contracting. I’ve got, you know, time on my hands and I think, you know, it might be a good relationship for me to start helping you, you know, work in the government space.’”


If they agree for you to represent them, that’s when you can talk about a fee structure.

As a consultant, you’re not necessarily working for them but you are working with them so your fee might really be different than their normal employee. With this, you can have a standard consulting fee of 25% of the profit. However, if you’re basically an employee of the company and you’re getting monthly paychecks, that fee might be lower than that number. 

Your consulting commission might also be lower if you are still new in the industry because you haven’t proven yourself yet. Because of this, it is not expected for you to command a monthly retainer plus commission on top and it is most likely that your client will just pay you in a straight commission.

Still, this fee structure will certainly change if you have worked longer with that company or have won contracts for years. 

The case is, regardless of what your fee structure, both you and your client should agree to it. 


Afterwards, you can then do your research and then create a forecast list for your client. 

As part of this process, you need to understand both the background and preferences of your client and their target agencies. In most cases, you will need to look for agencies that are within their NAICS codes and those that buy the same products and services that they sell. 

The most important thing in this stage is you will have a forecast list of your client’s target agency with all the necessary information that you can use for other research and for the next steps. 


A capability statement acts as a resume so you need to ensure that it has all the necessary information about your consulting clients.

With this, you need to fix any wrong information and make sure that their business information on any government contracting database has the same information in this paper. 

As part of this phase, make sure that you also have an email from that same company. For instance, you might have a personal email address which can be but in this case, you will put

“You wanna make sure that whatever efforts that you do, you get recognized for them to be at the capability statement that you sent out and via the emails that you use when you send out emails to your prospective agencies, OSDBUs, (and) small business liaison officers.”


Regardless of what agency you want to do business with, you certainly need to approach their small business specialists first to let them know what projects you’re interested in. 

In this meeting, you first need to bring your capability statement together with other important business documents just to increase your credibility. 

“There’s no way around it. If you show up without a capability statement, you’re going to see, well the first thing is you’re unprepared; and second, you’re gonna seem very amateurish and like you don’t belong.”

Then, you also need your forecast list because that specific agency’s specialist will surely ask for specific projects that brought you in their agency.

With this, if you could provide a list, this person can either provide information or let you talk with the person in charge of that project or put you in contact with a list of their prime contractors. 

“Again, if you don’t have a project in mind or several projects in mind, then how can you expect the person to help you? So when you go get ready to set up one of these meetings, you want to have in mind already some products that you’re interested in.”


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