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Wesley Ross: 16 Year Old Military Contractor

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Age is not a requirement in the federal marketplace. As long as you establish yourself and your business, you will certainly land into various contracting opportunities. To give you an inspiration, here is Wesley Ross, the 16 year old military contractor!


Just recently Wesley Ross has been featured in different news outlets in the United States. He thought of only selling out his stocks of Personal Protective Equipments but this in turn gave him an opportunity to be featured as a young government contractor. 

Wesley Ross is a young business-minded individual who started selling ever since at a young age on things such as bracelets, handmade soaps, clothes, shoes, electronic parts, and auto parts on both online and offline. 

Then, at the age of 16, he already has two businesses: SpeedLabs which is a car accessories and electronics business and NorthStar Dynamics, a government contracting company. 

“Ever since I was in the seventh grade, I always knew that I wanted to live my dreams and goals at an early age.”


Wesley Ross didn’t know anything about government contracting until he saw the movie, War Dogs, for the second time and then attentively took note of the things about the said topic.

Then, he started making his business legitimate. He stayed up late until four or five in the morning just to make sure that NorthStar Dynamics is a registered business in and has the qualifying codes after looking for contracting opportunities in FedBizOpps. 

“Hard work and dedication is what’s gonna actually bring money in on the table, so staying up ‘till four or five in the morning was no issue for me if knowing what the potential could be too.”


When Ross started in the federal marketplace, he lacked money to get his first contract even with the income that he gained in his previous endeavors. 

As a way to supply it, he organized the Minnesota Auto Show and used the Internet to make sure that a huge number of people will be there at the event.

Another thing that also bugged him is being underage because he’s still unqualified for getting government loans and credits as well as not being taken seriously by others. 

However, he was able to gain the public trust by showing them the process and things that he had already done.


Currently, Ross has already won contracts, performed various projects, and gained public recognition for being a young entrepreneur and government contractor. When he was asked what could be his message if he will be given a chance to do a 2020 commencement speech, he stressed the importance of finding yourself and what you want with your life. 

Consider that you only have one chance of living and you have a lot of things that you want to do with it, so don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. 

“Follow your dream and let nothing stand in your way because the only person who will hold you back from what you want to do on this road, on what you want to do with your life, is you.”


If you want to watch the full video with the 16 year old military contractor, Wesley Ross, then be sure to click the links below.

Wesley Ross the 16 year old military contractor

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