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Vicky Mangano: Italy-based Consultant Helping International Companies Do Business with the US!

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Vicky Mangano shares how she learned about the US procurement and how she helps international companies win contracts as an Italy-based Consultant!


Vicky Mangano is a consultant based in Italy through her company Mangano International Development. 

She helps international clients in Europe in terms of doing business with the United States government in Italy.

This includes registering their company to translating English contracts to Italian, among others. 


Mangano started working in a construction company that was doing business with the U.S. government. That’s when she got interested in how the US federal procurement works. 

She then continued in getting more qualifications as an expert in the construction industry while also learning about US federal procurement through research. 

After that, she then decided to become a consultant and started researching about what the U.S. government needs near Sicily.

“This is very important to note that… we cannot be improvised overnight. This is hard work… That’s why, if you use the full, to surround ourselves with people… who give us important lessons.”

With this, she looked for Italian-based or any Europe-based companies that are actually ready to work with the U.S. government.

At the first appointment, she usually analyzes if the company is ready and eligible to bid. If not, she provides more information on how the procurement process works.

Then, if they agreed, she helps in making sure that they get the right codes and documents needed in registering as an international company to the U.S. procurement database. 

After that, she then helps in analyzing their market and their target clients while also looking for possible opportunities.

She even translates some of the English solicitations to Italian just to make sure that her clients understand what that specific agency needs and they’ll be able to provide it. 


1. Research everything about the marketplace. 

When Vicky got interested in doing business with the US government, she also found that there’s not much support about this matter in Sicily, Italy. 

So, she researched further and that’s when she bumped into our GovCon Giant videos on YouTube

“We needed to have armored open knowledge… That’s very important because you can’t tell anything to the government in terms of good in service, if you don’t know what the federal agency needs and where. You can’t organize anything. You need to know how the government has organized it.”

2. Find the nearest US client. 

While researching how US federal procurement works, you also need to find the nearest US military installation or any US clients near you and see what you can offer to them. 

Remember, the United States has operations across the globe and it’s impossible that you can’t find one in your region. 

For instance, Vicky used EuroNECO to look for RFQs. She also uses this platform to build her customer profile and learn what their clients need. 

“Find opportunity, provide something, and how to deliver it… And when you have completed these pictures, we can create our customer portfolio and start to do business internationally. that’s what I did and what I’m doing.”

3. Get registered as an international company.

To start working with any US government agencies in your region, you need to register first as an international company. 

However, because you’re an international company, consider that the US government asks different requirements and the process may differ from the normal registration process in US-based companies. 

With this, you can check this video that we have on how to register if you are a foreign company


If you want to learn more on how Vicky Mangano learned about the US procurement and how she helps international companies win contracts as a consultant based in Italy, then check the resources below.

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

She does business in 🇮🇹 ITALY 🇮🇹 for the U.S!

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