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Vegetable Oil In Flexible Tanks or Bladders In 20’ Ocean Containers

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As part of its market research, USDA, AMS, ICPD is issuing this RFI to determine if there exist an adequate number of qualified sources capable of providing flexible tanks or bladders in 20’ ocean containers. The response to the RFI must be submitted electronically with a capability statement. Only responses via e-mail will be accepted. Questions and responses should be emailed to with “RFI Response – Company Name” in the subject line.  Failure to properly identify the email in the subject line may result in the email being overlooked or filtered out.  Responses should be received no later than Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 12pm CST to ensure that it is included in the information gathering results.

To assist with your capability statement, USDA’s Commodity Requirement Document, which currently does not include flexible tanks or bladders is located at:


  • Original Set Aside: Partial Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
  • Product Service Code: 8945 – FOOD, OILS AND FATS
  • NAICS Code: 111998 – All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming
  • Place of Performance: Kansas City , MO USA

FULL details via

📌 Check out our RESOURCES page for a sample letter that we use in response to government market research.

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