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Top 10 Agencies for SAP this 2021

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The number one purchaser of goods and services in the United States is the federal government. They are willing to spend a lot of money and people aren’t taking that opportunity. Are you one of them?

Working with the government is intimidating but there is a secret to success for small businesses and that is simplified acquisition procedures (SAP).

Any small business wanting to work with the government should consider SAP as part of their business strategy. It’s the simplest way to bid on any government contract. 

In SAP contracts, agencies don’t need to follow traditional rules which means less paperwork and lower costs, for both the government and the small business. 

With this in mind, it’s time you get to know your potential clients, here’s a list of the top 10 agencies this 2021, according to their budget allocation for SAP contracts.

1. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) – $1.5B

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is responsible for nearly every consumable item used by the U.S. military forces worldwide, which is why it comes first on our list with a whopping budget of $ 1.5B.

The DLA has been eager in finding potential small business suppliers, as they continuously engage in outreach efforts to teach people how to do business with them. Each year, the agency participates in and sponsors or co-sponsors a significant number of small business events.

2. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – $921M

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides vital services to America’s veterans such as health care services, benefits programs, and access to national cemeteries to former military personnel and their dependents.

This agency is serious about maximizing the use of various small business programs. The products and services they acquire are for a nationwide system of hospitals, clinics, Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN), data processing centers, and National Cemeteries.

3. Department of the Army (USA) – $442M

The United States Department of the Army (DA) is the Military Department within the United States Department of Defense. In doing business with them, you should identify which army organization is interested in your product or service.

There are five U.S. army buying commands: Army Materiel Command (AMC), Army Corps of Engineers (USAE), Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), National Guard Bureau (NGB), and Army Futures Command. Each buying command has different needs.

4. Department of the Navy (USN) – $352M

The Department of the Navy’s primary mission is to protect the country by effective prosecution of the war at sea.

The contracting functions of this agency are decentralized which means your market research should extend beyond the geographical bounds of your city, state, and region. Each Navy or Marine Corps major buys their own supplies and services that support their own mission. 

5. Department of the Air Force (USAF) – $300M

The Department of the Air Force defends the country through control and exploitation of air and space. 

The organization offers the Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM), which serves as the central knowledge warehouse. This acts as the gold standard for the acquisition process. 

The Air Force also has small business specialists around the country who can help your company identify and respond to every type of procurement opportunity the Air Force offers.

6. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – $261M

The FAA issues and enforces regulations involving manufacturing, operating, and maintaining aircraft. 

The FAA’s regulatory and air traffic control functions are carried out in approximately 1,000 staffed facilities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Saipan and the Marshall Islands. 

They rely on equipment, systems, supplies, services, and construction provided by commercial, educational, and non-profit businesses, organizations, and individuals, to function as an agency.

7. United States Mint (USMINT) – $232M

The United States Mint is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury responsible for producing coinage for the country, as well as controlling the movement of bullion.

It is part of the Treasury Department’s policy to provide opportunities in its acquisitions to small businesses.

These businesses are also given the maximum practicable opportunity to participate as subcontractors in the contracts awarded by any executive agency, consistent with efficient contract performance.

8. Federal Prison System / Bureau of Prisons – $216M

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) aims to protect the society by confining offenders in the controlled environment of prisons and community-based facilities that are safe, humane, and cost-efficient.

Since SAP in BOP involves obtaining either oral or written price quotes, the award is given on the quote that represents the best value, when price and other factors are considered.

Moreover, each BOP facility is responsible for buying their own necessary supplies, services, and equipment.

9. US Coast Guard (USCG) – $197M

The Coast Guard is a unique branch of the military that’s responsible for an array of maritime duties, from ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions. 

They manage a multi-billion-dollar recapitalization investment portfolio of acquisition programs across three major product lines: surface, aviation, C4ISR systems. This agency has monthly Vendor Outreach Sessions and small businesses are encouraged to register for one of these sessions.

10. US Census Bureau – $172M 

The Census Bureau is dedicated to providing current facts and figures about the country’s people, places, and economy. They are currently interested in working with people in the Information Technology Directorate (ITD) industry.

The agency is aiming towards giving more business opportunities for small business owners, as there is a growing need for the management of  data collection and processing


The list found in this article and their respective ranking was taken from, wherein federal agencies were ranked from highest to lowest, according to their cumulative government spending in 2021 for SAP contracts.

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