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This Week in Govcon (1/17/2020): Here’s What You Need to Know!

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No sense in wasting your Friday, let’s get to the meat and potatoes and start doing the activities! With this, you might be interested in what happened this week in our GovCon community. Here’s what you need to know!


This week, I was testing YouTube Live with a guest speaker using Zoom. It was a beta test for my goal of bringing live speakers on my platform.

We started at eleven in the morning and it turned into a spectacle as people started tuning in. For a good laugh, watch it here.

But you know what the result of this little experiment? It is wound up being my most watched and rated video in 24 hours over the last 47 videos I published. Go figure!

“Sometimes your accidents turn into your successes.”


The book “Too Big To Fail” gives a behind the scenes look at the financial crisis on Wall Street and in Washington. It provides an accurate account of just what took place.

I was a victim when the collapse happened, but I was also a beneficiary because it brought me to the path I am currently on right now.


The other day, I was having a difficult time trying to send emails to a Navy base because it kept getting flagged.

What I learned from a Construction manager was that personal email is allowed if no private information is being shared.

The other alternative is to use DoD safe which is where they send you a link to an external “cloud” service that will take your email and then send it to the user. I found this to be an effective way for getting the message that didn’t make it across.


Our friend Jennifer Namvar of Leidos, the Billion Dollar Capture Manager that we have featured in our fourth episode of our Govcon Giants Podcast shared a quick 2020 survey with me regarding my federal goals for this decade. 

After answering it, I ended up signing into her free 14 page toolkit, The Ultimate Govcon Growth Strategy, which was super awesome. If you’re interested, check it out here.


My friend Jay from BEB podcast, where I was featured last month, was nominated for Top 10 Black Podcasts That are a Must Listen in 2020. Congratulations Jay!

If you have not heard my interview, I shared it in episode 35 of our Govcon Giants podcast


We are coming to a city near you! So far, our tour in Miami on January 25th and in Dallas on February 29th have been confirmed.

If you want to help us make arrangements for a location or venue in your hometown, email Maria Martinez at and let her know. For tour dates and locations, make sure to follow us on Instagram or on our Facebook page.

We are also looking for suggestions and ideas to make it better. So, tell us what you want us to see, do, and experiment with! Let’s go 2020!


By the way, we have taken our FREE GovCon course and moved it onto an official LMS platform, so you can watch as quickly as you like. Click here to learn more.You can also join us here at GovCon Giants or subscribe to our weekly news updates regarding everything about government contracting.

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