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Close the federal contracting gap for small and medium businesses!

Becoming a government contractor is much more than understanding federal procurement
rules. You must understand agency nuances, develop leadership and communication skills,
learn to hire, fire, estimate, solve customer needs, deliver results, and keep the client happy, all
while trying to turn a profit. – Eric Coffie

Unfortunately, many small businesses are not given the proper education on what any of this
looks like from a real-world perspective and how to properly execute.


The number of federal contractors working on unclassified prime contracts is at a 10-
year low despite a steady rise in government contract spending.

▪ 32% fewer small vendors in Fiscal 2018 than Fiscal 2009’
▪ 24,000 firms decline with the Department of Defense
▪ 8,000 company decline with GSA
▪ 13,600 company decline with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Interior

If the federal dollars are there, and the socio-economic programs are there, where is the gap?
We believe it comes down to execution.


Govcon Giants has created a new model for growing small business firms through harnessing the power
of federal procurement.

We provide training, counseling, technical assistance, and business credit, so emerging firms
can get capital to build their small business into an asset. We teach education and help with

While other programs teach theory and concepts, we teach practical steps aiding in the
fulfillment of your action plan. Our instructors are actual business owners, they are not selling
their services. That distinction is critical to transitioning from paper and pen to becoming an


After an initial situational and need assessment, we work intensively with students for months
helping put together their government persona in order to prepare them to do business with
government agencies.

We help students execute by sharpening their focus, building their competence, boosting their
confidence and aligning them with the right people. We do this through continuous examples of
real-life trainings, GCG alumni experience sharing, member success stories and podcast

We teach mindset and help students develop skills such as self-awareness, reflection,
overcoming fear and objection handling. All are critical to becoming and growing and thriving
business owner.


We are the single largest provider of open-source federal procurement training in the world.

We have educated more than 100,000 small businesses over the last 4 years.

Having the largest global footprint for government contract training outside of any federal
agency. Our solutions are solving major problems in the U.S. supply chain.


  • 500+ Free YouTube Videos on Government Contracting (20.5K subscribers)– 73,000
    views (27K unique).
  •  Government Contract podcast (“GovconGiants”) – education and information:
    interview experts in the world of federal contracting – 2,922 downloads monthly
  •  Social-Media (Government Contracting Giants) 25K+ followers/subscribers: YouTube
    20.5K, Instagram 4K, LinkedIn 6K, Facebook: 2K
  •  Website Traffic – July 2.1K, Aug-9K, Sept 2.6K
  • Email members: 13,400
  •  Course enrollment: 7,000+ students (women, minorities, veteran)
  •  Student contract wins (2020) – $55,000,000+
  •  Number of SMB assisted with SAM registration – 6,500+

As you can see, Govcon is making a difference and reaching thousands of small businesses each year. Will you help us continue and even go beyond where we have gone?

I am requesting scholarships in blocks of 5, if at all possible.

  •  $5,000 – 5 courses – 5 companies
  •  $10,000 – 10 courses – 10 companies

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