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Staci Redmon: Award-Winning Innovator and Advocate

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An Award-Winning innovator and advocate, Staci Redmon, shares her journey in becoming who she is today. Learn her vision for her company and other small businesses!


Staci Redmon is an experienced and award-winning executive and innovator behind Strategy and Management Services (SAMS) Inc. Through her company, she led various innovations in the field of healthcare, banking and finance, communications, utilities, energy education, government, and military and defense.

Redmon is also a veteran advocate who has made a difference in leading people and serving her community. SAMS proudly upholds this value by following a veteran first hiring practice and more than 70% of its employees are veterans. 

Apart from all of these, Redmon is also a sought-after speaker and leader in the industry. She donated her time to various civic activities such as being part of several non-profit organizations. 

Because of her values in life and as a business owner, Staci Redmon received a handful of recognitions. One of her recent awards is the 2018 Minority Veteran Business Enterprise of the Year.


Fresh out of high school, Staci Redmon directly joined the army. However, she then became injured. This prompted her to work as a civil servant in the federal government.

Over the course of her career in the Department of Defense, she was able to understand how the government buys things and how the defense acquisition life cycle works. She had also worked in the army Chief Information Office which helps her understand the acquisition process of the government better. 

After working in the government, she continued her education while also working for large companies for positions including an IT Systems Engineer, Enterprise Architect, Army Market Program Manager.

Then, she worked with a friend who has a medium size company. It gave her an opportunity to learn how small businesses work and to also learn how to manage it. 

After working in that small business for a while, she then started her business. She had no plan on why she built her business in 2008 when the economy was crashing down but she did it with the belief that, “If not now, then never. So, let’s do it.”


One of the rules that were highlighted in the interview is Redmon’s rule number 138 wherein it says about celebrating the everyday leaders. She believed that leaders are everywhere and the key in seeing this skill from people is through giving them an opportunity to grow. 

“You have to give people the opportunity so that they can grow and they can build that encouragement that they need to be able to take things forward.” 

Redmon also talked about what she learned as a veteran and her belief that veterans can really be great entrepreneurs because of the environment that they were trained in and the skills that they were taught.

Lastly, Redmon also noted that before working with a small company managed by her friend, she worked in different large firms to understand how everything works from the beginning up to the product delivery. 

“I got to see a whole lot more when I worked at that firm. So that was, you know, of course very beneficial because I got to run my projects and to be able to see the inner workings of the corporation.”


Redmon understands that building a small business in the government marketplace is different and with this you will experience a lot of mistakes. However, she views it as key experiences to her success. 

“I don’t necessarily call them mistakes. I think their experiences, right. ‘Cause a mistake is saying that you did something wrong, but you don’t necessarily do something wrong. It’s a learning experience and you learn how to do that.”

Most importantly, she believed in the benefits of understanding the reason behind what you do because it strongly empowers other people as well as lets them understand you and what you are doing in an authentic way. 

“What is your why? What makes you get up in the morning and continue to do what you do?”


If you want to watch the full video of the interview with Staci Redmon as she shared her success story and how he navigate the federal marketplace, then be sure to click the links below:

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052: Staci Redmon – President and CEO, Strategy and Management Services Inc (SAMS) – Entrepreneur

052: Staci Redmon, President and CEO, Strategy and Management Services Inc (SAMS) – Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Veteran Advocate, Innovator

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