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Why Sponsor on Podcast?
The business of podcasting is booming! According to eMarketer, podcast revenue is expected to increase by 50% in 2021, to $1.28 billion. You can spend your ad dollars anywhere, so why with Govcon Gaints? Not only do we have the numbers, but our boutique model and engaging brand of storytelling create a listener that leans into the content. A leaned-in listener stays engaged throughout the episode and is more likely to listen to the ads. Our listeners are actually supporters, and they understand that the ads are a necessary part of supporting the show. When listeners are leaning in, they are less likely to skip your ad!
Why you should advertise on youtube?
Connect with your audience: Ads that play on or run next to YouTube videos can help you connect with potential customers in a unique and memorable way. … Reach the right audience: Reach your customers on YouTube by topics, keywords, or demographics, like “women under 35.
Our Reach:
  • More than 5,501 YouTube monthly visits and growing
  • More than 66,000 Podcast downloads
  • More than 2,922 Podcasts Monthly Downloads 
  • More than 25,490 social media followers
  • More than 4.500 people in our email lists
Your Podcast Sponsorship Is Evergreen
Unlike traditional tv or radio ads, new listeners find post episodes of Govcon Giants every day. This means your sponsorship is being heard by listeners long after its first live.
Exposure To New Audiences
Each week, 1 interview some of the top minds in business, government contracting, and organizations. Many of these guests have one thing in common: massive audiences. This exposes your product and service to a brand-new audience.
What A Sponsorship Consists of
A 15 Second Pre-Roll at the beginning of an episode read by Eric Coffie
A 60 Second End-Roll at the end of an episode when listeners are most ready to take action
A Featured Spot in every Show Notes page
A special mention in the Govcon Giants online community
How Are Pre and End-Rolls Created?
Our sponsors give us 5-7 taking points.
The Govcon Giants team creates unique reads.
In Summary
In Summary

For $1000 per Episode You Get:

15 Second Pre-Roll

30 Second Pre-Roll

Feaured on every Show Notespage of every episode you sponsor

Featured on the Resources page at

Feaured on every Show Notespage of every episode you sponsor

Podcast Packages

1 month package (guaranteed 4 episodes) = $7000

2 month package (guaranteed 8 episodes) = $14,000

YouTube Packages

Title Card with your Business at the Beginning and End of YT video

Top 10 Video:$10,000 per video YouTube Live Video: $1000

Some of Our Previous Sponsors:

Ready To Talk Sponsorship?

Ready To Talk Sponsorship? In the email, please include a website to your product or service, how it serves mental health private practitioners, a link to the ratings/reviews/testimonials, and the podcast package you’re interested in. Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch soon. =)