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The Government is looking for software that allows human resources professionals to gather feedback from employees in order to shape or drive policies related to the unit’s people through the employment and collection of surveys or other feedback mechanisms. It should also be able to help employees develop resiliency and a sense of agency in development/growth. This requirement is for software licenses for the product, rather than Government ownership.

Our intent is the same as any other large-scale enterprise with thousands of employee stakeholders: to provide our people with both resources to help them be the best at what they do, and to have another way to help our organization provide the best work environment possible through informed policy and decision-making.

The software should be commercially-available. It should be useable by accessing a website for both the employee and HR “sides” of the interface. Some examples of the capabilities we are looking for include:

  • Based on survey results, software must be capable of recommending/providing training to assist employees improve individual mindset and motivation
  • Link employees’ capabilities and motivation to the organization’s mission to enhance workforce resiliency and engagement
  • Track information needed to prepare employees to meet the organization needs,
  • Provide management with informative dashboards that showcased aligned employee motivation and linkage to the organization culture/mission in a real time environment that will enhance mission accomplishment,
  • Have to capability to provide management with key information to help decrease absenteeism, high personnel turnover, and increase performance and quality of life.
  • Real time dynamic information
  • Scalable to meet additional management requirements

The Government has no product specification, nor do we have an existing product in mind. We seek industry input/feedback on available products that can help us achieve the above.

NOTE: We cannot use any software that requires installation on Government equipment due to certain restrictions. Any solution must be web-accessible.

We ask respondents to tell us about:

1) their product: What does it do? Does it include the functions described? All of them? Some? Can it include those things? What else can it do?

2) their company: Small business? Large? CAGE code?

Product specifications are welcome. E-mail the point of contact for this release for any clarifications or questions.

  • Original Set Aside: Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
  • Product Service Code: 
  • NAICS Code: 511210 – Software Publishers
  • Place of Performance: Redstone Arsenal , AL 35898 USA

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