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SOURCES SOUGHT: Security Services

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See attached Sources Sought and PWS for Up Range Secuirty at White Sands Missile Range.

Timeline has been extended by two days. Timeline changed from 28 NOV 22 to 30 NOV 22.

Will there be specific information regarding the number of Security Officers, additional required personnel/certifications or training should the contract made available to interested parties? Yes. The 31 people required is based on the total hours worked to support the contract, plus additional positions to support the missions.

Also, where will the contract listing be published should it be made available to interested parties? The contract listing will be published on should it be available to interested parties. 

Is there a timeframe for a decision? Yes. Decision made based on when services will end which is before 28 February 2023.

Secondly, Is WSMR customer (DES) in a position to sponsor any vendor for a security clearance? No, DES will not sponsor any contractor for their security clearance, that falls solely on the contractor.

Confirming that the security clearance required for this requirement is secret, correct? The Security clearance required is SECRET.

Also, what is the timeline you are tracking to obtain a security clearance? 6 months? 1 year or more? 1 Year or longer.

Is the contracting team, competition advocate available to answer a few quick questions regarding your requirements to assist in our response preparation – may I call on Wednesday, 11/23 at 11 am or 3pm EST? Unfortunately, the contrcating team is unavailable for a call. However, you are able to provide all your questions in writing and the team will answer them.

Would you be willing to accept a response nte 10 pages? Yes we are willing to accept the note in 10 pages. 

Are you taking meetings in person or virtually prior to the response due date of November 30 or after November 30? No we are not taking any in person meeting or any virtually prior to the response date of Novemeber 30th or after Novemeber 30th. 

Is the Government open to an 8(a) direct award, 8(a) competition or use of Best In Class vehicle such as OASIS? The goverernment will compete the requirment as a full and open 100% Small Buiness. 

What is the current contract number for the sources sought and how much was the value of the contract? The current contract number is W911SG17CC0003. The dollar amount for the contract is $12.6 Million dollars. 

  • Original Set Aside: Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
  • NAICS Code: 561612 – Security Guards and Patrol Services
  • Place of Performance: White Sands Missile Range , NM 88002 USA

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