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1. Responses to this Sources Sought must be in writing. The purpose of this Sources Sought Announcement is for market research only to make appropriate acquisition decisions and to gain knowledge of Small Business Capability, including Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses and Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB/VOSB) interested and capable of performing the work.
2. The NAICS for this requirement is 562211-Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
3. Interested and capable Contractors should respond to this notice not later than 4:00 p.m. PST on January 13, 2023, by providing the following via email only to a) company name b) address c) point of contact d) phone, fax, and email of primary point of contact e) Contractor Unique Entity ID number f) Type of small business, if applicable, (e.g., Services Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), 8(a), HUB-Zone, Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), or Small Business (SB)). g) A capability statement that addresses the organization s qualifications and ability to perform as a contractor specifically for the work described in paragraph 5 below. Respondents are also encouraged to provide specific examples (e.g. contract number, point of contact information) of the Contractor s experience providing the same or similar supplies/services to that described in paragraph 5 below.
4. SDVOSB/VOSB respondents. a) If respondent is VOSB or SDVOSB, respondent is encouraged to provide proof of certification. In addition, SDVOSB/VOSB Contractors are asked to acknowledge that they understand the limitations on sub-contracting pursuant to FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Sub-Contracting, which will be included in the impending solicitation. Further SDVOSB/VOSB contractors are asked to respond that they are capable of providing the requested services keeping within the parameters of this clause. b) Small businesses, including SDVOSB/VOSBS are also advised that per 13 CFR, § 125.6 the prime contractor’s limitations on subcontracting are as follows: 1) General. In order to be awarded a full or partial small business set-aside contract with a value greater than $250,000, an 8(a) contract, an SDVO SBC contract, a HUBZone contract, a WOSB or EDWOSB contract pursuant to part 127 of this chapter, a small business concern must agree that: 2) In the case of a contract for services (except construction), it will not pay more than 50% of the amount paid by the government to it to firms that are not similarly situated. Any work that a similarly situated subcontractor further subcontracts will count towards the 50% subcontract amount that cannot be exceeded.
5. Required Services. Provide hazardous and non-hazardous medical waste disposal services. The Contractor shall provide all management, labor, supervision, transportation, packaging, pick-up and disposal of regulated medical waste, biohazardous waste, and pathological waste. The Contractor shall also provide containers with labeling, waste manifest and required reports and disposal of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste, medical waste, chemotherapy, and pathology tissue waste in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations. The Contractor shall label all containers in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Contractor shall submit medical waste tracking documents, reports, and hazardous waste manifest to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). The Contractor shall provide all installation of disposable RCRA Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Containers and installation of re-usable non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste, sharps, re-usable trace chemo waste containers, re-usable medical waste ( red bag waste ) containers, re-usable and/or single use medical sharps only containers, and re-usable and/or single use pathology, bio-hazardous, chemotherapeutic waste containers and dispose of their contents for the identified participating facilities.
Containers shall be swapped out by the Contractor at the point of accumulation. Containers shall be swapped out by the Contractor at the point of accumulation in a just-in-time service model minimizing time a full container sits at an accumulation point before replacement with empty container The contractor may propose substitution of one-time use (disposable) containers in lieu of re-usable containers if contractor is unable to supply re-usable containers for all waste streams other than RCRA waste.
VA directives and federal executive orders direct efforts in cost reduction, waste minimization, environmental impact, and green- house gas generation in VA operations encourage use of re-usable containers over one time use (disposable) containers.
VA Directive 0058, VA Green Procurement Program Policies and Procedures VA Directive 0063 Waste Prevention and Recycling Program VHA Directive 7708 Pollution Prevention (P2) Program Executive Order 13423 Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management EO 13693, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade Definition of a full container A full container is defined as any container that has reached a level that is 75 percent (75%) full The frequency of replacing a full container for an empty one will be determined by this measure. The Contractor shall conduct an onsite assessment with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and designees to determine size, placement and location of medical waste containers, Sharps and or Pharmacy Waste Bins.
SERVICES SHALL BE FOR THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES: The Contractor shall provide waste disposal services for the following facilities: VA GLAHS West Los Angeles Medical Center 11301 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90073 San Luis Obispo CBOC 1288 Morro Street, Suite 200 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Santa Maria CBOC 1550 East Main Street Santa Maria, CA 93454 Sepulveda Outpatient/Clinic CLC/Hospice 1611 Plummer Street Sepulveda, CA 91343 Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center 351 E. Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Bakersfield CBOC 1801 Westwind Drive Bakersfield, CA 91343 Santa Barbara CBOC 4440 Called Real Santa Barbara, CA 93110 Ventura CBOC 5250 Ralston St. Ventura, CA. 93003 San Gabriel Valley CBOC 7 West Foothill Blvd. Arcadia, CA. 91006 VA clinics associated with, but not located on the main campus of the facilities identified in the table above may also require regulated medical waste pick-up and disposal. Notwithstanding any other provisions in this contract to the contrary, the Contractor shall provide medical waste pick-up and disposal to those facilities under the same terms and conditions as specified in this contract when directed to do so by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall provide services to those clinics at the prices established for those same services at the parent facility.
A list of clinics currently requiring pick-up and disposal of regulated medical waste is provided above. Clinic locations and estimated quantities are subject to change due to patient demand. The Contractor shall ensure it maintains the resources necessary to respond to these changes.
6. The intended contract period will be for a base year and up to four (4) one-year option periods with the base period of performance anticipated to be from April 1, 2023 thru September 30, 2024.
7. Please note that if VA s pending market research establishes that two or more VOSB or SDVOSB, who are certified in VA s Vendor Information Pages (VIP) site, can provide the services, VA will set aside the underlying solicitation per 38 U.S.C. §8127.  8. All Offerors who provide goods or services to the United States Federal Government must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database found at Registration must include Representations and Certifications. –End of Sources Sought Announcement–
  • Original Set Aside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-Aside (FAR 19.14)
  • NAICS Code: 562211 – Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Place of Performance: Department of Veterans Affairs VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System , 90073 USA

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