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SOURCES SOUGHT: J036–Elevator Maintenance & Repair

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This is a Sources Sought Notice for elevator maintenance, repair, inspection & testing services as identified in the Statement of Work (SOW) for the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The contractor shall furnish all necessary tools, parts, labor, supplies, materials, equipment, supervision and transportation necessary to furnish the services noted below. The services required are provided and are subject to changes. A draft SOW is attached to this notice and is subject to change should a solicitation be issued as a result of this notice. Please respond if you have the ability and actual intention to complete this requirement. Include the following information in your response: DUNS NUMBER SAM UEI NUMBER Capabilities Statement Confirmation of actual intent to submit an offer should an RFQ be posted in future Company name and address Point of contact information (name, phone, email) Socioeconomic size status (example: large, small, WOSB, SDVOSB, etc.) This Sources Sought Notice is intended to locate any business capable of performance. The anticipated NAICS Code for this requirement is 238290. This is not a Request for Quotation and quotes shall not be reviewed at this time.
The Government shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the contractor because of this Sources Sought Notice. This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to ultimately award a contract, nor does it restrict the Government to any particular acquisition approach. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary; the Government will not pay for information requested nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred in developing information provided to the Government. Responses shall be submitted to Jeanne Ortiz at by Monday, October 17, 2022, at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). Responses MUST include 36C25023Q0017 in the subject line. PHONE CALLS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS NOTICE. DRAFT STATEMENT OF WORK PURPOSE: Ann Arbor VA Medical Center, located at 2215 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105, requires Vertical Transportation Equipment (VTE) maintenance, repair, testing, and safety inspections.
Contractor shall provide all management, supervision, labor, parts, material, tools, incidental engineering services, and transportation necessary to perform maintenance, overtime pay, contract staff weekend and holiday premium pay, repair, inspection, testing, and component/parts replacement to keep the vertical transportation equipment operating as originally specified by the equipment manufacturer and/or as modified when a deviation is required but only with the written consent of the VA. Contractor, without additional expense to the Government, shall obtain all licenses, permits, and insurance required to perform the work in this Contract. Contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Evidence of insurance, licenses, and permits shall be provided to the Contracting Officer before work commences. Contractor will be onsite three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday, eight (8) hours per day, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The Ann Arbor VA Medical Center reserves the right to modify the hours above by 2-3 hours either in the AM or PM to for any testing that may require the services of an elevator technician without cost. The first Thursday of every month, technician should be onsite for monthly generator run starting at 6am. This day will be a substitute for one of the other days in that week. Contractor shall provide 24 hour per day, seven day per week service for all service calls at no additional expenses to the government.
CODES & STANDARDS: The publications listed form a part of this Contract. Elevators shall meet the requirements of the code editions published and adopted by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs on the date the installation Contract was signed or when alterations were performed. Elevator Industry Field Employees Safety Handbook International Building Code (IBC) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators A17.2 Inspectors Manual for Electric Elevators Escalators A17.3 Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators A17.5 Elevator and Escalator Electrical Equipment A17.6 Standard for Elevator Suspension, Compensation, and Governors A18.1 Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts QEI-1 Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems NFPA 70 National Electrical Code (NEC) NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code NFPA 101 Life Safety Code NFPA 252 Fire Test of Door Assemblies
DEFINITIONS & ACRONYMS: ANSI American National Standards Institute ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers CONTRACTOR General Contractor, Elevator Contractor, and Subcontractors CO / CS Contracting Officer / Contract Specialist COR Contracting Officer s Representative ELEVATOR MECHANIC/TECHNICIAN (CERTIFIED) Certified Elevator Mechanics/ Technicians shall have technical qualifications of at least five (5) years of successful experience in the elevator industry. Apprentices shall be actively pursuing Certified Elevator Mechanic/Technician status. FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air filter LEADS Law Enforcement Agency Data System MCP Maintenance Control Program provided by Contractor MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet provided by Contractor NAESA National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities NEC National Electric Code NFPA National Fire Protection Association NTP Notice to Proceed OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration PO Purchase Order issued by the CO/COR PPE Personal Protective Equipment QAP Quality Assurance Program provided by Contracting Officer QCP Quality Control program provided by Contractor QEI-1 Qualified Elevator Inspector certified by ANSI/ASME VA (Department of) Veterans Affairs VAMC Veterans Affairs Medical Center VTE Vertical Transportation Equipment passenger, service, freight elevators, cart lift, dumbwaiters, platform lift, dock leveler, referred to in text as elevators. PWS Performance Work Statement
CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS: Contractor shall be currently engaged in the work of maintenance, repair, inspection, and testing of vertical transportation equipment. Contractor shall have a minimum of five (5) years within the last seven (7) years of successful experience maintaining elevator equipment identical or similar to the vertical transportation equipment listed in this Contract. Contractor shall provide a Contract Manager who shall be responsible for the performance of the work. The name of the Contract manager and an alternate shall be designated in writing to the CO/COR prior to the Contract start date. Changes to personnel shall be submitted to the Government within five (5) business days of the changes. The Contract Manager or alternate shall have full authority to act on all Contract matters relating to the daily operation of the Contract. The Contract Manager or alternate shall be available to speak/meet with the CO or COR within 24 hours of request during normal operating hours, and or within the next business day after Friday or a Federal holiday. Contractor shall provide Elevator Mechanics/Technicians who have completed an Apprenticeship Program and Mechanic/Technician Examination approved and certified by the National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP). Certified Elevator Mechanics/ Technicians shall have technical qualifications of at least five (5) years of successful experience in the elevator industry. Apprentices shall be actively pursuing Certified Elevator Mechanic/Technician status. Certificates shall be submitted to the CO/COR. The selection, assignment, and management of Contractor s employees are the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contactor shall not employ any individual identified as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, and general wellbeing, or operation of the VAMC facility or personnel. The Contractor is fully responsible for the performance and conduct of its employees. The Contractor shall not allow any employee to perform work under this Contract while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other incapacitating agent.
MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, TESTING & INSPECTION SERVICES: Contractor shall provide complete maintenance, repairs, testing and safety inspections services on each elevator. Work shall be performed by Certified Elevator Mechanics/Technicians and Apprentices. Contractor must possess all diagnostic equipment necessary to fully maintain, test, repair, adjust or reprogram the systems throughout the contract term. Contractor shall maintain a complete set of current and legible schematic wiring diagrams in each elevator machine room for each elevator contained therein.
If any of the required schematic wiring diagrams are not available at the time of Contract award it shall be the responsibility of the VAMC to provide them at no cost to the Contractor. Wiring diagrams shall be modified to reflect any changes made by the Contractor after receiving written approval by the CO/COR to make the changes. Modifications made to any controls shall be dated and recorded on the VAMC wiring diagrams. The wiring diagrams will remain property of the VAMC. Contractor shall not make any alteration or additions to the equipment without prior written approval from the CO/COR. Contractor shall provide tools, equipment, specialty items and other items that may be necessary to perform the tasks required under this Contract. Any parts not available from the manufacturer due to obsolescence remain the Contractor s responsibility to replace from another source, at no additional cost to Ann Arbor VAMC.
Contractor shall provide lubricants, fluids, fasteners, cleaning supplies, paints (low VOC only), and all other supplies necessary to perform the services required in this Contract. Lubricants shall be only those products recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment or equal. Contractor shall maintain the specified equipment in like new condition and good working order in accordance with best possible industry standards by examining, adjusting, lubricating as required, and if conditions warrant, cleaning, repairing and/or replacing the components of the equipment as follows: Worm gear, thrust bearing, drive sheave, shaft bearings, brake assembly and brake coil, contacts, linings and component parts. Motor and motor generator, motor windings, rotating elements, commutators, brushes, brush holders, and bearings.
All hoisting ropes shall be examined, and tension equalized, and whenever necessary to ensure maintenance of adequate safety factors, all hoisting ropes and governor ropes shall be renewed. Silicon control rectifiers, reactors, filters, heat sinks, amp traps, transducers and all control components. All relays, solid state components, resistors, condensers, transformers, contacts, leads, dash pots, timing devices, computer and microprocessor devices, steel selector cable or tape, and mechanical and electrical driving equipment. Governors, governor sheaves and shaft assemblies, bearings, contacts and governor jaws. Deflector or secondary sheaves, sheave bearings, car and counterweight guide rails, top and bottom limit switches, governor tension sheave assembly, compensating sheave assembly, counterweight and counterweight guide shoes including rollers or gibs. Hostway door interlocks, rollers and hangers, bottom door guides and door closing devices.
Automatic power-operated door operator, car door hanger, car door contact, door protective device, load weighing equipment, car frame, car safety mechanism, platform, wood platform flooring, elevator car guide shoes, gibs or rollers, ceiling fan/blower and grill. Signal system devices and fixtures, signal devices including hall buttons, hall lanterns, operating panels, intercommunication system, telephones, position indicators, dials, bells, buzzers, gongs, and light bulbs, buttons, button light, chimes, audio annunciators, key switches, traveling cables, data cables and electrical cables. General and Emergency lighting within the cab, above the cab or in the hoist way including; bulbs, fixtures, batteries, trickle charger and related wiring and components.
Elevator operating devices for fire emergency operation and emergency power operation. Re-calibrate and reset load weighing devices after annual and five-year safety tests and as needed between tests. Conductor cables and hoist way and elevator machine room wiring. Ensure lubricants meet the specific manufacturer s requirements for the equipment. Check the group dispatching systems and make necessary tests to insure that all circuits and time settings are properly adjusted and that the system performs as designed and installed by the manufacturer. Adjust and maintain revised settings upon written direction by VAMC. If the mechanic deems it necessary to add hydraulic oil to any elevator while providing maintenance service under this purchase order, notify the CO/COR within 24 hours after adding more than two gallons of such fluid. Provide written documentation as to the cause of the loss of hydraulic oil, including the remedy to prevent further loss to the CO/COR.
Pumps and pump motors, operating valves, valve motors, motor windings, leveling valves, plunger packing, shutoff valves, exposed piping, hydraulic fluid tanks and oil recovery systems. Filters, mufflers, and muffler components. Repair or replace conductor cables, elevator hoist way wiring and machine room elevator wiring. Car tops, machine room floors, and machine room equipment shall be cleaned monthly. Accumulated rubbish shall be removed from the pits monthly. A general cleaning of the entire installation including all machine room equipment and hoist way equipment shall be accomplished annually. Cleaning supplies and a HEPA vacuum cleaner shall be furnished by the Contractor.
Telephone, data and intercom lines serving IT, Phone, Elopement System or any other system located within the hoist way or the cab. Contractor shall immediately notify the Engineering COTR of any equipment or environmental conditions which impair or jeopardize the safe and continuous functioning of the equipment. Contractor will be required to replace any part (except as related to exclusions below) at no additional charge to the government. The monthly contract price shall be understood to include the cost of such parts. If it is necessary to replace any exclusionary part, contractor shall provide a cost proposal for the cost of the part only. The cost of the labor to install the part is understood to be included in the monthly contract price. If work is required that is outside of the Scope of this Contract, the Contractor shall submit a detailed cost estimate for the required repairs to the COR.
Contractor shall not commence such work, except for an emergency situation such as entrapment, without the written consent of the CO/COR and receipt of a separate Purchase Order to cover the cost of the additional work. Contractor shall develop and submit to the Government an annual written Maintenance Control Program (MCP) for each elevator within thirty (30) calendar days after contract award to cover the basic contract and any option periods. The MCP shall, at a minimum, include required inspections, timelines for inspections and maintenance. The Contractor shall perform inspections and maintenance of all elevators in accordance with the MCP. The MCP shall ensure compliance with all minimum code requirements including fire recall, ASME A17.1 Appendix N tests and other safety/maintenance testing as required by the manufacturer.
Contractor shall perform maintenance in accordance with the MCP to ensure reliable and continuous safe operation. The maintenance work shall be in accordance with commercial practices or manufacturer s PWSs, if available, and shall be intended to maintain the elevator in safe and reliable operating condition. The MCP is required to specify appropriate intervals for the specific maintenance items. Cleaning of equipment spaces and daily cleanup of job sites in conjunction with maintenance, inspections and tests, and repairs are required. Contractor shall perform necessary inspections and tests as required under ASME A17.1 Appendix N, using a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI). The first quarterly test shall include the five-(5)-year test for all traction and roped hydraulic elevators regardless of due date.
Government may perform inspections of the elevators at no cost to the Contractor for purposes of capital asset management and quality assurance. If discrepancies are discovered during these inspections, the Contractor will be notified in writing of any determination and shall be responsible for the corrective actions covered under this Contract. The Contractor shall prepare and submit a written report within two (2) business days of each quarterly visit. The report shall identify each elevator, the location, maintenance work performed, repairs needed, date of inspection, name of inspector, and overall condition of the elevator. The Contractor shall maintain a copy of all current elevator inspection documentation, along with an index indicating the location, date inspected, and date of the next required inspection to be located in the machine room for the elevators covered and a copy provided to the COR. Contractor shall have all maintenance tickets signed by the CO/COR.
Contractor personnel shall comply with the following procedures: Upon arrival at the facility, Contractor shall check in with the CO/COR that Facility Management Service will be aware of Contractor s presence at the facility at all times. Pick up the key ring which contains keys that will access any lock on the elevators and open access doors to elevator maintenance spaces. This key ring shall be returned before maintenance personnel leave the VAMC. Contractor shall have a service ticket on each service call signed by CO/COR. Service tickets shall identify the respective piece of equipment, description of problem, description of corrective measures taken, date and time unit was returned to regular service. Signed maintenance, repair, callback tickets are required to verify hours on site. Without signed tickets hours billed will not be paid.
CALLBACK SERVICE: Callback service is defined as a request for service or to assist in an entrapment for one or more elevator(s), either during or after normal working hours, during weekdays, weekends or holidays, to correct any problem or condition, including entrapment, which needs attention. Contractor shall respond to all callbacks and be prepared to take corrective action at the site within 1 hour for passenger entrapments and 2 hours for all other service calls. Callbacks hours are not to take time away from preventive maintenance hours required under this Contract. Equipment malfunctions shall be corrected the same day that the service call was issued. If circumstances beyond the Contractor s control preclude resolution of the problem that day, the CO/COR must be notified in writing with an explanation of the delay.
ELEVATOR OUT OF SERVICE: Notify Facilities Management Service (Boiler Plant After-Hours), Police (After-Hours) and the CO/COR, either by phone or in person, before removing an elevator from service. If work requires more than one day, daily notification will be made. Notify Facilities Management Service and the CO/COR when placing the elevator back in service. When an elevator is taken out of service, appropriate signage shall be installed at each entry door to notify elevator users of the interruption. Contractor shall provide signage and post in a manner which does not damage paint or other finishes. Upon completion, all signage shall be immediately removed. VA will approve the signage plaques that will be used by the contractor within 30 days of award. All tests, inspections, or maintenance repairs that will remove an elevator from service shall be scheduled in advance with the CO/COR. Under no circumstances will any shutdown or breakdown last longer than five (5) consecutive working days, from initial notification to the Contractor, without prior approval of the CO/COR.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Contract speed and brake to brake flight time shall be maintained as originally installed and adjusted. Maintain smooth starting, stopping, and leveling accuracy of 3mm (1/8 ) for all elevators. Opening times, closing times and door close torques of all elevators shall be maintained within the limits of ASME A17.1 Code with a minimum of stand open time consistent with traffic demands. Door reversal on all elevators equipped with mechanical safety shoes shall always be initiated with the stroke of the shoe. Ensure all electric eyes or door detectors are working at all times. Variable car and hall door open times shall be maintained in accordance with original field adjustments. Deviations from this will not be permitted unless requested and/or approved by the CO/COR. As needed or at a minimum on an annual basis, a computerized elevator analyzer or similar type event recorder shall be utilized to record the hall waiting time at each landing and other data necessary to verify the system is operating at peak efficiency for all elevators covered under the Contract. The Contractor shall submit an annual written report and certificate of compliance. Results shall be submitted and labeled as to floor, time, date and identification of all other data and shall be delivered together with an analysis of the tapes/disks to the CO/COR. Contractor shall ensure that the original operating criteria is maintained at all times for each elevator including, but not limited to, the following: Maximum capacity in pounds; Rated speed in feet per minute; Performance time measured brake to brake; Door operation; Traffic handling capabilities; Response times; Ride quality.
EXCLUSIONS: Equipment, components, and parts not installed under this Contract shall not be removed, replaced, or deficiencies corrected while still under the manufacturer s or installer s warranty, without prior approval of the Contracting Officer. Installation of new attachments recommended or required by inspectors, insurance agencies or VA/Government Authorities. Repair or replacement of elevator equipment due to natural disaster, vandalism, concrete evidence of negligence, or concrete evidence of misuse by persons other than the Contractor, its representative and employees. Contractor shall obtain written approval by the CO/COR prior to related repairs. Payment will not be made for any unauthorized work. Any damage that the contractor deems to be the responsibility of the VA, the contractor must fully document and take a picture of the incident to supply to the CO/COR of the contract. The VA reserves the right to claim any damage material / equipment. Replacement of underground hydraulic piping or hydraulic cylinder. Cleaning, refinishing, repair, and replacement of cab enclosures, hoist way enclosures, door frames, exposed sills, and cab flooring. Repair or replacement of elevator pit sump pumps, machine room, pit and hoist way light fixtures and lightbulbs, heat/ventilation/air conditioning systems (HVAC), fire/smoke/heat alarm systems and sprinkler systems. Replacement of elevator machines, controllers, and ropes. Power supplies from the elevator controller to its source. Communication lines from the elevator controller to its source.
For the purpose of clarification, any item not specifically excluded shall be considered the Contractor s responsibility. CO/COR must approve in advance all repairs not covered under this Contract. Contractor shall prepare an estimate of parts, labor, transportation, and shipping costs. If approved, CO/COR shall issue a separate Purchase Order (PO) in advance of undertaking such work. No invoice will be paid without prior approval and specific PO issued in advance of work. There shall be no borrowing of parts (i.e., removing a part off of an elevator unit, whether in it is in service or not, to correct a deficiency on another elevator unit) except in an emergency (i.e., entrapment, etc.) or with written consent from the VA. Maintenance for card reader system is not included in this Contract. Obsolescence is defined as equipment that cannot be repaired or replaced with a similar or intended to be a replacement style unit or assembly. Contractor will be required to replace any part, including any part that may become obsolete, at no additional charge to the Government. The monthly payment made by VA is understood to include the cost of such parts. Contractor shall submit a proposal to the COR for any parts/items included in the exclusions above needing to be replaced. The proposal shall include a cost breakdown for each part(s) separately, and the price listed shall be the at-cost price contractor paid for the part(s). VA will reimburse the at-cost price contractor paid and will not approve any mark up costs. The cost of labor to install any exclusionary part shall be considered included under the monthly payment made by VA. Contractor will not commence with replacement until specifically authorized to by contracting officer.
GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY, MATERIALS & SERVICES VAMC will not provide office space or operational facilities to the Contractor. The Contractor shall secure and maintain the necessary office space and other facilities required for the performance of this Contract at his/her own expense. VAMC will not provide tools or equipment to the Contractor. The Contractor shall furnish all tools required for the performance of this Contract. VAMC will not provide any materials to the Contractor. VAMC will furnish the following services at existing outlets, for use in those facilities provided by the VA/VAMC and as required for the work to be performed under this contract: electricity, fresh water, sewage service, and non-hazardous refuse collection (from existing collection points). Disposal of equipment and construction debris is the responsibility of the Contractor.
  • Original Set Aside: Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
  • NAICS Code: 238290 – Other Building Equipment Contractors
  • Place of Performance: Ann Arbor VA Medical Center 2215 Fuller Road , 48105 USA

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