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Scoring Government Contracts Without Formal Education or Training

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It’s 2020. We are lucky to live in time where there are a number of jobs and fields you can go into without formal education or training.

Do you need these in order to succeed in government contracts? Our answer is no. Relationships, motivation and hard work are the key ingredients.

Why don’t you need a formal education? Relationships and the internet my friends. The internet is full of free information. Most of which, isn’t being used to its full potential. This information is what you need in order to do your market research. Find out who is buying what you’re selling, and you are off to a great start.


When you begin in this field, you most likely will not have all that a government contract requires. That’s okay. You don’t need to.

What you can do, is look at the part that you can accomplish and target the person who won the award and try to help them with the contract. That way, you can build your experience and make some money too.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to specialize in anything specific in order to do well. This means, you don’t really need any special certifications or degrees. We actually encourage you not to specialize in anything.


The government purchases a variety of things. You want to be able to meet the demands of those various things in order to really make money. We believe the best way to do federal contracting is to subcontract others who specialize in the arena you are looking for and hire them out to do the work. If you specialize in one area, you cut yourself the opportunity to access the other parts and fully serve the governments needs. In order to make money effectively, you’ve got to serve their needs.

Whatever the government wants, you supply it. Unlike local and state contracting, to your benefit, the federal government looks for teams to accomplish tasks, not persons. They support joint ventures and partnerships, which allows you to work with others to pursue a particular opportunity— even if it’s beyond your scope and ability. If you build a team or become a part of the team, then you can get the job done without education or formal training.


Government contracting is one of the places where your age, sex, gender, race and/or nationality does not play a role.

When you bid on a contract and are submitting your proposal, you are behind a computer screen.  You are not face-to-face with anyone and you are not asked these questions. Therefore, you are selected based on what you can demonstrate, your work-ethic, experience, your reliability, your knowledge and your ability to get the job done. Whether that is working as the prime contractor or working as a subcontractor, you can score government contracts without racial or gender biases.

At the end of it all, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your educational background looks like or what you look like. Scoring government contracts is in your reach if you want it to be.


To learn more about scoring government contracts without formal education or training watch the video below. To learn more about government contracting visit the GOVCON GIANTS YouTube Channel.

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