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Roberta Moore: Pure Determination Led to a Whirlwind of Character Building

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Learn how Roberta Moore’s pure determination led to a whirlwind of character building for AMOORER, Incorporated. 


Roberta Moore began her career as a DOD civil servant for 10 years before pursuing her government contracting journey. 

In 2002, she established AMOORER, Incorporated, a healthcare staffing small business that provides professional support services and technology.

In transitioning to this industry, Moore graduated from different small business programs and has won several multi-million dollar healthcare staffing contracts with the federal government and private industry. 

Ms. Moore’s philosophy is “commitment, integrity, personalized service, and value for your money. ”


Moore resigned from the federal government and decided to start her own business, AMOORER, in 2002. 

She first worked with an 8a small business as a 1099er and she managed their Naval Sea Systems Command contract. 

However, when that company graduated in the 8a program and she decided to become an 8a to take over five of their contracts, she didn’t become an 8a fast enough and they ended up getting rid of it.

The good thing was, she did become an 8a and a HUBZone company and was able to get contracts in the Pentagon and other institutions. 

The other thing that led more to a whirlwind of character building for AMOORER was when Moore left a card to a man before she walked out of a Homeland Security Conference. 

“I told him that I had clear professionals at the Pentagon and that the contract was getting ready to end and iI’m looking for somewhere to place them.”

This small chance led her to meeting Deborah Scott Thomas who became her mentor and who gave her a big contract with the DLA in Baghdad.

Moore’s experience wasn’t just all sunshines and rainbows. She also experienced a handful of difficulties that motivated her to continue growing as a business owner. 

One of the hardest decisions that she made was letting go of her Chief Operating Officer who became a huge part of their family and business, due to the reason that her contract is drying up and she couldn’t afford a pay cut. 

“It’s a difficult process because you don’t know what to expect. You don’t know if you’re going to be able to sustain even the cuts.”

Apart from that, building AMOORER also made her realize that the people around her think about her well-being, even though they may not fully understand everything or may not be able to give any business advice.

One key person that made her realize this is her mother who kept motivating her to keep going and who was willing to do anything to help her. 

“My mom could not give me any business advice. I mean, she didn’t have anything but it was just shared— shared compassion, shared understanding.”


Before investing on different resources to help you grow your business, ask yourself first if you have the capacity to go through different difficulties in building a business.

Consider that not everyone will be successful in this lucrative field. Many will fail and only the ones who are willing to go through the other side will be the winner.

“That’s something to think about. And it didn’t come from a bad place. It hurt, but it was true.”

Apart from that, winning contracts is not just the goal, winning continuous and lasting contracts, that is. 

In order to achieve that, you need to build relationships and you need to start going out and introduce yourself and your company’s capabilities a handful of times. 

“It’s more than just government contracting. It’s really about those relationships that you build along the way and what you learn.”

So, are you willing to go through all of these like Roberta Moore? 


If you want to learn more about how Roberta Moore’s pure determination led to a whirlwind of character building for AMOORER, Incorporated, then be sure to click the resources below.

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

089: Roberta Moore – Pure Determination and a Chance Lead to a Whirlwind of Character Building

Deceit envy and betrayal all in the name of winning a contract


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