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Roberta Moore: Deceit envy and betrayal all in the name of winning a contract

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This is how Roberta Moore overcame deceit, envy, and betrayal all in the name of winning a contract!


Roberta Moore began her career as a DOD civil servant for 10 years before pursuing her government contracting journey. 

In 2002, she established AMOORER, Incorporated, a healthcare staffing small business that provides professional support services and technology.

In transitioning to this industry, Moore graduated from different small business programs and has won several multi-million dollar healthcare staffing contracts with the federal government and private industry. 

Ms. Moore’s philosophy is “commitment, integrity, personalized service, and value for your money. ”


Moore’s horror story started with a retirement luncheon where she sat behind a decision maker who was livid because the incumbent contractor was increasing their prices. 

She believed that the incumbent had no right to do this because they are not the paying customer, so she suggested her services instead. 

Moore ended up winning the contract and transitioned 150 employees in just one day, leaving the incumbent going to the press.

Meanwhile, in order to help her execute the contract, she also worked with a colleague.

She thought that it would be easier for her, but it ended up being a problem. That person didn’t help with the payroll at all and even bought some broken equipment (which Moore had to buy again for herself). 

However, the nightmare only continued when she received a lawsuit for million dollars. That lawsuit lasted for at least two years which really took the life out of Moore and her business.

“I had this big, you know, weight over my head dealing with that, so I think it kind of crippled me a little. And I ended up getting through the process, but it was so difficult.”

The worst part is that before that lawsuit ended, she was betrayed by her best friend who became her Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

During that time, Moore was just trying to renew the contract, but that man got on a vacation leaving her calls unresponded. In the process, he was actually working with the other company to get the contract sent over to him.

“How could you do such a thing, you know? But it was greed, it was money. He wanted the deal that I had with the other colleague as a subcontractor.”

Fortunately, Moore was able to respond to the 24 hour deadline and the federal buyer exercised the option period with AMOORER.

That Monday, she ended up firing her COO for non-performance and insubordination. Unknowingly, that man thought that she betrayed him, when he was the one doing it all along. 


1. Celebrate your wins.

Celebrate your wins even if it is small. Consider that when you look at all the small things that you did for your business, it all builds up into something huge. 

The truth is, your small steps are much bigger than the steps that some people do all at once, so why not take a little pause and celebrate it?

2. Trust your employees with their jobs. 

Moore is not that hands-on with her employees’ everyday tasks. Rather, she assigns a delegate or a lead to deal with them. 

This is due to the fact that she understands the need of her employees to have ownership of their work. 

3. Don’t skip the hiring process. 

One thing that Moore regretted was that she gave that person who betrayed her an opportunity for something that he wasn’t really qualified for. 

She thought that she should have not skipped the interview process and let the HR handle the process. 

“I skipped steps and then I paid for it.”

4. Hire people who can handle changes. 

Emotional IQ is a big factor for Moore’s hiring process. 

This is due to the fact that there will always be a lot of stress in the workplace and she needs people who can handle the stress and changes in their industry.

“Some people can do really well in their profession but they don’t have the emotional IQ to deal with ups and downs or to be able to pivot or to handle changes and things of that nature.”


If you want to learn more about how Roberta Moore overcame deceit, envy, and betrayal, then be sure to click the resources below.

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

Deceit envy and betrayal all in the name of winning a contract

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