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Respond to Sources Sought and RFIs!

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There are more ways to win government contracts than just bidding, bidding, bidding!


There are a ton of people who always say that they don’t win any contracts because of this and that. And you might be one of these people that go into beta.sam and other govcon databases and say, “I don’t see any of my stuff in here!”

However, instead of just looking for solicitations or requests for proposals (RFPs), why not look for sources sought notices or RFIs?

Remember, these sources sought and RFIs are still possible contract opportunities even if these are still in the market research phase. 

“This may actually never come out to become a solicitation because someone like myself took the initiative, respond to the RFI,  and start doing a direct negotiation with the government. They can do that. Remember, at this phase, at this stage, it is not a solicitation, they’re doing market research. And when they’re doing market research, they have the ability to be able to shape requirements and or decide that they want to put it out in a different manner.”


When you visit beta.sam to look for sources sought notices and RFIs, you will find a ton of opportunities in every industry possible.

In one of our videos, we even found notices about adult sports, building relocation, laundry services, Virtual Patient Immersive Training, janitorial services, exterior wash, marksmanship, and Norfolk Naval Shipyard Preservation among others.

And because these notices are not public yet, you can  negotiate this and if you meet the requirements, you might be awarded a sole source.  

“It makes no sense to wait or think that by waiting until a formal solicitation is released, by waiting until a formal project comes out for bid, that this is even going to happen. It doesn’t always happen, folks. These do not always turn into full and open competition or even small business set aside bids. This is why I’m encouraging to get in at this basic level here when the only thing they’re asking is respondents, interested respondents right? Respond a company name, point of contact, CAGE and DUNS, information about the product or services as it meets requirements, annotate it in this sources sought which includes a brochure, white paper pamphlet, and or other information content.”


The thing about sources sought notices and RFIs is that it follows the rule of two which says that in order for it to become a set-aside, there should be two or more small businesses to respond. If not, it will be given to large companies. 

“Why don’t we help them (small business activists, liaisons, and some offices) do their job easier? Like let’s make their job easier by giving them the information they need, finding people that can do these types of jobs, and if even if you can’t do it, reaching out to someone who you know that can do it and have it helping them submit their information. All that does is creates more opportunity for all of us small businesses out there.”

You should also consider that some of the people who do these activities are not in beta.sam or don’t have a business development person scouring through different govcon databases for opportunities. Hence, it is best to share it with others and together, let’s make government contracting more small business friendly. 

“The reason why I thought that exterior wash was interesting is I wanted to show to the level of who can get involved. I had someone reach out to me that says they’re starting a pressure washing business and this seemed right up their alley if you do pressure washing… Again, folks that do pressure washing, and steer washing, car washing, they’re not likely to be here on beta.sam looking at opportunities; so, this is why we present this to folks out here and share. Sharing is caring. But also, we want to help people be able to see the vast degree of what actually exists.”


If you want to know more about sources sought notices and RFIs, you can check the links below. Also, you can visit GovCon Giant’s blog and other social media platforms as we share our knowledge about government contracting and other contract opportunities out there. 

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