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Network Analysis and Reporting Program (NARP)

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The objective of the FirstNet Network Analysis and Reporting Program (NARP) is to gather, process, analyze and report wireless broadband network coverage and performance data for the FirstNet Authority Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN).


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The NARP requires sufficient pseudo-random outdoor data collection and sampling in each state, DC and Puerto Rico in order to properly characterize the NPSBN at the state and nationwide level. The sampling in each state and territory shall include rural and non-rural morphologies.  In addition to the pseudo-random testing for each state and territory, in-building measurements of wireless broadband network coverage, including Wi-Fi measurements when available, are also required in each state and territory, as well as post-processing and analyses of the collected data.

The wireless broadband network coverage verification and validation process and methodology should adhere to the current contractual definition of coverage for the NPSBN: persistent and temporary coverage is defined as a Long Term Evolution (LTE) Band 14 network capable of providing cell edge data rates of 256 kbps uplink (UL) and 768 kbps downlink (DL) measured from outdoor stationary User Equipment at (3) feet from the ground level with a 95 percent confidence margin for the cell area with a uniform cell load of 50% for the DL and UL.


All interested parties who believe they are able to meet the requirements are invited to provide a written response in accordance with the submission instructions identified herein.

Responses shall include the name and telephone number of the point of contact having authority and knowledge to discuss responses with Government representatives.  RFI responses shall be sent to the Point of Contact at following email address:  All emails shall include in the subject line the RFI title and the submitting organization’s name.

Responses are due in writing, via email, no later than 2:00 p.m. ET, Monday, August 31, 2020

Full details HERE.

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