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Mohanchand Raghbeer Shares How He Finds All the Search Results on the SAM database

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With FedBizOpps being moved to the, the latter platform provides more advantages for government contractors. But what could it be? Well, in the recent live show, Mohanchand Raghbeer shares how he finds all the search results on the SAM database and how he took advantage of it. 


Mohanchand Raghbeer has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and nine years of technology workforce development program experience.

With this, he built his own company, Accelerated Partners LLC, to provide services for the government as well as honing professionals for in-demand positions.


When the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website was moved to the System for Awards Management (SAM) database, Mo directly thought of ways to develop his style in viewing thousands of contract opportunities and taking advantage of it.

“Large companies have all the tools and all the resources and we don’t have many so again anything that we can do to give us a slight advantage is tremendously helpful.”

1. Sign in with your SAM ID.

The first step is to enter your SAM ID and password because the website information such as contract data and opportunities can easily be viewed by the public but in order to download it for the next step, you must sign in first. 

2. Type your preferred keyword.

You will then type the keyword based on what you are looking for in the search bar. You can use one keyword depending on locations, dates, year, and codes or you can combine it together.

However, the most beneficial keyword to use is the product service code (PSC) because it describes a  product, service, and research and development that the government buys.

The key is to just use keywords that will help you broaden your search but also focus on the things that you primarily provide to the government. 

3. Filter the results.

Then, you should also filter the search results according to your specific preferences. 

In Mo’s case, he chose to look for “Active Only” contracts that have his preferred date while also crossing out all of the options under the Type of Notice section except sources sought, pre-solicitation, and combined synopsis.

“I’m basically narrowing down my search to the notices that I’m interested in and the one that’s going to give me, you know, exactly what I’m looking for.”

4. Choose CSV over PDF.

Afterwards, Mo downloaded the results data to make it easier for his research because the SAM database only shows 10 contract opportunities for each page. 

5. Filter the data in your CSV file.

Then, you should open the CSV file on the Excel application and filter the results for easy navigation. 

In doing so, Mo looked at all of the information under the title column and unchecked or deleted information using the filter option in Excel.

6. Save, follow, or email.

Lastly, look for a specific contract opportunity that you want to deal with later, highlight the notice ID, and then use the SAM search options to look for the information about it.

Most importantly, when the results and information show up, save it for later. You can choose to get notification by tapping the follow button or email to yourself or to other government contractors.  

“It might be something out of my bucket but I just sometimes it’s so big that you know you gotta you got to dig it deeper.” 


If you want to watch the full video with Mohanchand Raghbeer as he shares how he finds all the search results on the SAM database, then be sure to click the links below.

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