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Miguel Sanchez: Embracing Inexperience and Taking One Step at a Time

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Get inspiration on how Miguez Sanchez embraced inexperience, but still took one step at a time towards his success in the govcon marketplace!


Miguel Sanchez is a military veteran from the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Division in Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. 

After fighting for the country, he then started going to night college in 2013 while working for a company. 

Meanwhile, his internship at a company in Wall Street introduced him to the govcon marketplace. He then pursued different industries until he decided to follow the consulting route in the IT space. 

“It wasn’t a matter of quitting. To me, it was a matter of pivoting.”

Currently, he is the Key Principal at SGC GROUP, a company he established to provide consulting and business development services to government contracting clients. 


Sanchez first learned about state and local government contracting when he’s doing an internship at a service-disabled veteran-owned investment bank at Wall Street. 

As the business development person, he traveled and did business with different Fortune 500 companies while also doing state and local contracts. 

However, Sanchez also knows that ownership is extremely important and he wanted his future to align, so he decided to learn about govcon— from having an SDVOSB certification to joining GovCon Giants. 


In looking for a client to provide his consulting expertise, Sanchez started looking within the areas nearest to the DC area.

Then, to fully specify the companies he wanted to do business with, he looked for clients that have some kind of leverage among others, including having certifications.

After his research, he found a handful of companies and started picking up the phone. His plan was to call at least 25 companies a day. Sanchez didn’t even get to 10 when he got his first client. 

The first opportunity that they looked after was a market research that the client already responded to. He just made a simple follow-up and after almost a year talking to the government buyer, they were awarded the IT contract worth 800 grand. 

“The conversation went on for almost a year of just talking to the client. That’s another thing. You have to understand the arena that you’re playing in. You know, with the governing space, it’s not like short and sweet. It’s not from one day to another.”

Although in the IT space that contract seems small, Sanchez understood that it’s a good starting point with him and his client. 

He was thankful when he found that they won and currently, he decided to go full time with the client, with the promise to also continue to be part of GovCon Giants. 


Know what you need to say. 

Before calling his prospects, Sanchez prepared himself first. He made a little script that highlights the things he needed to say. 

He even researched about the buyers that may buy the services that the prospects have and the opportunities that the prospect might like. 

“Sometimes, you get one shot, you know. These people are getting voicemails and calls left and right every single day, so if they give you a minute of their time, you better know what you, you know, you’re gonna say.” 

Be reactive and proactive. 

Be prepared for everything. Consider that, in this govcon marketplace, opportunities may come knocking, but that only happens when you do the work. 

“I think that it’s important for people to understand that in this business, you need to be reactive, right, but you also need to be proactive. You need to be both, right?”


If you want to learn more about how Miguez Sanchez embraced inexperience, but still took one step at a time towards his success in the govcon marketplace, then be sure to click the resources below.

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

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