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MasterMind Monday: Get in Front of Your Federal Buyer and Win!

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In this blog, we list our new MasterMind Monday highlights for you to get in front of your federal buyer and “win” in your meeting!


As the year 2021 starts, it’s also best to set your goals as early as now.

Also, aside from just wishing it on the stars, write these down and increase your odds of success.

You can write it on your notebook, on your phone, and anywhere else where you can see it. 

Also, if you think you need to change something in your goal, then you are free to change things. You can restructure it depending on your preference. Just be committed about what you’re doing and keep all your goals in mind. 

“When we start to process this stuff in our mind, we make a shift and we look at what we’re doing and we start doing things a little bit differently to create the lanes and the pathways, so these things can happen.”


Be your own pundit. Do your own detective work and make a guess. What do you think is gonna happen in your marketplace?

Consider what President Joe Biden said:

“Remember, our future cannot depend on the government alone. The ultimate solutions lie in the attitudes and the actions of the American people.”

This is where government contractors play a tremendous role. If you have seen the inauguration, the organizations that provided the scaffolding and helped in everything in the inauguration were government contractors. 

We ushered in that change too. We, as a community, were represented right there on that stage, whether it was your company specifically or not.

In terms of the new administration, remember that everyone is also trying to figure everything out. So, while new appointees are figuring certain rules and regulations that might matter to you, do your own research as well. 

There’s new rules coming out all the time that you’ve got to be aware of, so stay on top of these and remain compliant.

It is also recommended for you to follow budgets and agency forecasts. Luckily, these are published and can be seen by the public.

So, look at the data that are showing up in these reports and analyze your business strategies. Do you need to pivot? What companies are getting all the work and how you can work with them?



If the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts are making you poor, then better check the recent changes made in the rule. 

Analyze why LPTA has been hurting your business and get to know the new rules. 

2. Pandemic Response

With the COVID-19 pandemic still terrorizing the world, you might need to check what are the federal government’s requirements related to pandemic response.

You might have the needed products and services that can help, so don’t just wait to quote something you see on SAM or anywhere online, go directly to the agencies needing it the most. 

Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen aside from them saying no? So, call them up and say that you wanted to help. 

3. Telework and Virtual Outreach

The federal government is also doing virtual outreach, so take advantage of these activities. Find out the next one by contacting small business specialists and other decision-makers. 

Also, remember that most people are doing telework right now, so call your potential government agencies and provide them something of value while also building relationships with them. 


Those of you who are in the IT industries and those who are doing business with the Department of Defense should already be tracking your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CCMC).

You should also learn more about this matter and pay attention in order for you to become compliant. 

5. Diversity Inclusion Trainings

The prohibition on diversity inclusion training has been rescinded, so those that are developing these kinds of training are once again welcome and encouraged in the federal agencies.


There’s no such thing as doing business with the government. There’s only doing business with people.

Remember, there’s a real federal human behind every federal agency who puts everything on the line when they choose you.

In fact, it is recommended for you to reach out to your local Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, your target agency’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), and other government decision-makers. 

Apart from that, why not work with other government contractors? If you are a small business, you really want to expand your network and work with primes. 

Consider that these primes also need to reach their subcontract requirements. They need subcontractors that are familiar in a specific facility and that can provide the product or service that they need to fulfill the overall contract. 


In doing business in the federal marketplace, you should learn to be a detective. Track the changes in the govcon policies and analyze how these affect your business and the future.

If you want to learn more about how to get in front of your federal buyer, then check the full Mastermind Monday video with Judy Bradt. 

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

How to get in front of your Federal Buyer and “Win” your meeting

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