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Life and Business is Like The Legend of Zelda

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Here’s why the game “The Legend of Zelda”has something to do with your business and your life!


Zelda is one of the games that children used to play before. In the game, for you to get to the other side of the door and go to the next level, you need to find a key. 

However, finding the key is not easy, you might need to read a clue, turn a rock over, look for hints, and other things. 

Business is much the same way. You don’t worry about what happens after you get into the other side of the door or to get on to the other phase of your business because your main focus as of now is to open that door. 

We should look at business in this manner: that the larger vision is to accomplish the mission. If you need to do several tasks in order to accomplish it, then do it.

Still, remember that the tasks and activities should not set you back or stop you. Rather, it should move you towards your goal. 

“You would continue until, you know, you found that key to get to the door. And because you knew that that was just the next step and your journey to reaching your goal of going to the next level.”


1. Associations

Who are you connected to? Who are you around? Who are you associated with?

In order to gain success in life, you need to surround yourself with highly motivated successful types of people who will expand your ideas, beliefs, and confidence.

2. Work

Successful people work around the clock, but they don’t consider themselves workaholic. Why? Because they have a burning desire and bigger purpose that drives them to continue working. 

“I know someone who works seven days a week for 20 years… Right now, this person continues to work no less than six days a week even though they’re already a multi-millionaire and they continue making millions of dollars. They, in fact, what they did was, they actually just renewed their purpose and their goals and now they’re no longer financial base, they’re more achievement base.”

3. Effort

It is true that once you put value on something you do, you put maximum effort in achieving it. So, how hard are you really trying right now?

Remember, the guy who chose to dedicate his effort to become a licensed contractor becomes the master. Meanwhile, the other person who does not put in the effort becomes the servant of the master. 

4. Money

You should be conscious about how you spend, lend, and borrow money. In order to grow a healthy thriving business, you need reserves because if you spend everything you earn, you are basically the employee and not the employer. 

“You know when I jumped into construction, I could not understand why these older people were working for me? I didn’t really get that. Well, what I found out was, you know, they can’t save money. You know, I don’t know where their money was going but for whatever reason, you know everything that came in their hands had to go right away. And so since they couldn’t save money, they end up having to work below younger people who were more financially responsible.”

5. Education

We should constantly seek out new ideas from books, podcasts, and other successful people. We should also put value only to those who are experts in this marketplace. 

Remember, if you at least spend your effort and time learning about new things, you’re gonna be 90% smarter than everyone else out there. 

With this, here’s a quote from Jim Rohn:

“My millionaire friends don’t have college degrees. My college friends don’t have millions. Formal education will make a living, self education will make you a fortune.”


If you want to gain more perspective on this concept and its effect in your life and business, then be sure to click the resources down below. You can also visit the GovCon Giant website and social media platforms or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

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