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Is The 8 (a) Program A Waste Of Time?

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This can definitely be a controversial topic. First and foremost, what is the 8 (a) program?

The 8(a) program is where small disadvantaged businesses can receive assistance from the federal government. Each year, the federal government awards a percentage of federal contracting dollars to small disadvantaged businesses. A huge benefit to a small business, but is it a waste of time?

It can be, if, you do not prepare properly. There is a proper time for you to take advantage of the benefits it offers. Before you jump into the 8 (a) program, we encourage you to first build a foundation, create the company, your organization, your structure and get some experience under your belt. You do not want to waste an opportunity like this, if you are selected for the 8a program. Preparation is key!

You need to know your company and be confident in your structure, organization, and delivery. In the program, you are going to be dealing with the small business development specialists who represent dozens of firms.  A lot of times, you will be getting new specialists who have limited experience in the program, how it works, and how to best help you. The specialists are not familiar with your business. No one is going to be more familiar with your business than you are.

Remember that the program itself does not create the foundation for companies. You have to! You want to maximize all of your success by doing your proper planning. Then again, it’s only a nine-year program and a once in a lifetime thing. Why squander the opportunity?


Yes! The 8(a) program is worth it, if you plan properly.

The 8 (a) program takes you from good to great. This is a great opportunity if you are ready and prepare and you want to be ready so that when you get into the program, you can spread like wildfire! What does this mean? Get to planning and preparing!


To find out more about the 8(a) program and properly preparing for government contracts, watch the video below. To learn more about government contracting, visit our YouTube Channel..




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