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In-Vivo Fluorescent Microscope Calcium-Imaging Devise

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The Neurocircuitry of Motivation Section aims to understand neural circuits that mediate compulsive behaviors such as drug-taking and drug-seeking behaviors.  We use rodent models to achieve this goal.  Compulsive behaviors such as drug-seeking are generated by the interactions of many types of neurons in the brain.  Histologically, researchers used microelectrodes to detect the activity of single neurons.  However, this method does not readily allow researchers to identify the types of neurons being recorded.  The fluorescence microscope procedure is a state-of-art technology, which allows researchers to record unit activity of neurons in a cell-type- and region-specific manner by expressing fluorophores that respond to calcium levels with viral technology.  The fluorescence microscope calcium imaging technology helps researchers to understanding how selective populations of neurons are activated during compulsive behavior in rodents.


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The purpose is to acquire a fluorescence microscope system that allows us to detect fluorescence signals indicating cellular calcium levels in rodents. This device enables us to observe how specific types of cell populations get activated during the mouse perform compulsive behavior.

Project Requirements

In-vivo fluorescence microscope calcium imaging devise – Twist-on efocus Fluorescence Microscope System

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