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I FAILED 3x and LIVE to Talk About It!

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Today, I failed three times, but these failures are important and I’m here to tell you why.


Failure #1:

My first failure is that I purchased new domain names with GoDaddy that cannot be transferred for six months to my hosting company, Bluehost. 

Failure #2:

Then, there goes two hours down the drain of me trying to figure out how to transfer them. And because I’m smart, I decided to purchase a new domain directly with host Bluehost. 

There goes my second failure. This Bluehost domain could not be installed because the version of Prestashop, a software that I need, is outdated.

Failure #3:

So, after figuring out for an hour, I then proceeded to purchase a new domain name with 1&1 hosting company because they are the official hosting company of Prestashop and I also purchased a website template from TemplateMonster to install with my new hosting.   

However, after three hours of trying to install that template, I found out that it was for the old version of Prestashop 1.6 and not with my current version of Prestashop 1.7. 

To convert it, it would be $900 for a $139 template. So, there is my third mistake. 

Luckily, after finding a substitute template with customer service, we exchanged it for the new one and I negotiated free installation with the company.


So, let me ask you, what failure did you face this day and how did you deal with it?        

I know that each person who is on their quest in achieving their dreams may be attempting something challenging and scary on a regular basis. And this is normal and a must. 

I even continuously educate myself in order to increase my skills. In learning new things such as software internet marketing and web hosting, I know I will continue to fail.

However, I know that these activities will only expand my mind, take me to new places, and help me realize possibilities that I’ve never witnessed. So, I will continue to press forward. 

Apart from that, in order to get unusual results, you must become an unusual person.

“If you are comfortable, then you are not unusual.  If you are not unusual, then you are getting standard results. And if you are getting standard results, then you can count on your life being the same as it is today.”

I read a quote in an article the other day that said if you are not working at your job, then you do not have a job.

I am not saying that you want wealth, riches, and fame. But in this day and age, if you want an adequate life, then you need to invest in yourself a little more.

Learn a new trade, skillset, or a language. Besides, there are many resources out there, both free and paid, such as Coursera and Dualingo.  

Start networking with people whom you can’t afford to be around. Volunteer your time at charity events. Besides, with hundreds of events happening in each city across the country, now is a greater time than ever to participate and expand your circle.

“Become a person of value to others and you’ll grow both spiritually and prosper greatly.”


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