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Wait! Don’t send your money! — How to Evaluate Government Registration Companies and Others

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scam call government registration companiesWe’ve all had them. The random phone numbers calling your phone leaving a convincing voicemail, the emails or letters stating they would change your lives. Some are clearly identifiable as scams. But what about the “government registration companies” that aren’t so easy to decipher as legitamate?

Before you decide to write them a check or send some money over, we have some advice. We are going to provide you some tips on how to evaluate government registration companies and see if they are legit.

Why would you need to know the difference?

Well, although your DUNS, CageCODE, SAM, DSBS and FBO are all free, there may be times you are in need of assistance. Maybe you’re afraid to make a mistake. Maybe you have more money than time or you just want to let someone else be responsible. These all might be legitimate reasons to find outside help. Either way, you should have minimum standards to evaluate the companies approaching you.


Do NOT Use A Company If Any Of The Following Occurs:

  •  Their website mentions CCR or ORCA
    • Unless, they’re refencing old legal systems, steer clear of doing business with them.
  • They are charging you to register for a “Top 100” list or some sort of publication that they claim will be in front of government agencies
  • They state you or your firm was nominated for an award
  • If anyone calls you on the phone to solicit you
  • You receive a random email, text, or any other form of unrequested solicitation that doesn’t come from legitimate companies
  • They promise they can get you a loan and/or pre-qualify you for small business funding but require upfront payment


Reputable companies do not use auto dialers, call unsolicited wanting money, use tiny font disclaimers or send fax spam!

Be cautious and knowledgeable about the differences and do your homework before hiring a government consultant or working with government registration companies. You work hard for your money and your information is valuable. Don’t just give it away.


To find out more about the evaluation process, watch the video below.
To learn more about government contracting, visit our YouTube Channel.

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