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How Can I Become A Middleman In The Federal Market?

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As you may have known by now, the federal government is looking to buy a lot of products and services from the private sectors. They have billions of budget to cater to each of their governments agency’s needs. And as a small business, you may have already considered working with them become a middleman in the federal market. 

However, there are basic requirements for government contractors that you should meet. But we won’t tackle much about that here. In this podcast, we are listening in with Beruk as we tackle an overview of how to prepare and start your journey to succeed to become a middleman in the federal market.


Today’s caller, Beruk, posed a question, “How can I become a middleman in the federal market?” Beruk opened up that he just graduated with a bachelor in economics. He shared that his interest in the federal market was inspired by the movie WarDogs. 

Based on a true story and directed by Todd Phillips, “War Dogs” follows two friends in their early 20s living in Miami Beach during the Iraq War. They exploited a little-known government initiative that allows small businesses to bid on the U.S. Military contracts. They started small and further enjoyed raking in big money and are living the high life as the movie progresses.

Watching WarDogs is kind of an entry level homework of what you can expect and do with federal contracting.

However, the federal contracting process is quite different from contracting with private agencies. Mainly because the contracts are regulated to encourage a competitive marketplace. This is to guarantee that the taxpayer’s money is properly used and promotes healthy socio economic goals.

Moreover, the government holds special rights in the contract that include changing its terms and condition and even abruptly ends it. 

Lastly, the claims and legal actions of contractors must follow procedures of Contract Disputes Act as the federal government is a sovereign entity.

Now, that may come off as something difficult. And there have been plenty of myths going around that the government doesn’t pay. 


However, there are plenty of resources on learning the ropes in the federal marketplace that deals with frequently asked questions and concerns. And most importantly deals with these misconceptions.

I advised Beruk that his concerns are all tackled in the resources available for free on my website at Basically, the course is a rundown of what you’ll need to get started and it also proves that you don’t need a degree to start this business, only the willingness to learn.

It also highlights how someone who isn’t certified can get access to government contracts and plan their bids. It also teaches exact strategies and the process we used to land contacts. And to ultimately answer Beruk’s question on how to become a middleman in a federal market with only the internet and a cellphone.


But fast forwards to after a few months of learning the courses we offered on the website. Or simply setting expectations of taking courses and doing your own homework. You should already be actively looking for eligible companies that are certified government contracts.

Because the truth is, there are a lot of businesses who can provide their products and services to the government. However, they are simply not aware of it. And this is how you come in and do the market research. 

These businesses don’t know how to do business development simply because they’re not putting themselves out there and letting the government know they exist.

And you can add value to these companies by providing them a proposal. Creating a proposal is also offered on the course.

And when for example, you can show decision makers of these companies that within say a week. A list of all the potential clients, customers, partners, and protegees that they could work with in the federal government or in their area.

They are going to start listening to you. They’re gonna pay attention, they’re gonna sit up and they’re gonna ask you to tell them more.

It’s all about how you approach these entrepreneurs and businesses. But the first thing is you have to learn and become familiar and understand this stuff yourself through the courses.

If you start telling someone, “Hey! Listen, you know, I know about government contracts,  and I think that I can help add some value to your company or any company who’s looking for it in that marketplace.” You start having a conversation and really quickly you’ll meet people that want what you offer. 

But you will need to overcome another hurdle and that is to build your network and set up your LLC. 

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

The next step or now that you’ve got their attention. You’ll need to start providing them with a price for the product.

The government has accepted your bid but how do you buy these products?

For example, you offer to sell the government hard drives. And you need to order 50 of them for $200 a piece.

Where do you get that kind of money?

How do you buy that product to sell to the government because the government’s not gonna pay you upfront.

This is where you need to get supplier credit and vendor credit. That’s where creating your LLC is very important. When you create your LLC you set up an actual business.

You can go and become a vendor or supplier to the people who make that product with LLC and we have a video on that at


Beruk provided an interesting question. To be entirely honest, people can work for months to years to become a middleman in the federal market before they can see any income. But that is because they aren’t actually doing anything. 

It’s not just about signing up in FedBid and thinking that’s all you’ve got to do. That is far from the truth. 

Your success depends on how active you are doing your market research. It depends on yourself. For one, I cited that I had college students who went to sell telescopes to the government in just a few months.

Simply put, if you are looking at the fedbid every day and you are actively bidding jobs. In four to six weeks, you can land a contract. But again, that is if you are actively doing it.


In summary, before you think about going further into the federal market. One needs to do more homework as a lot of questions can be answered in free courses and resources. 

What you really want to do in opportunities to consult with others who are in the same business is to ask about the complicated concepts that aren’t tackled in any videos or books. 

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