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Find Out What Agencies are Buying Today Using Your Forecast List!

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What is a forecast list and why do you need this? Continue reading this blog to learn more and to know what your target agency is buying today!


A forecast list essentially a projection of all upcoming projects for a given department or agency. A lot of times, this list goes from year to year, but sometimes it goes for a few years or if not, they break it down by quarters.

Some of the information that you can get from an agency’s forecast list may include the units, the solicitation release date, the award date, and the total amount that’s gonna be awarded in the contract.

“The forecast list, in my opinion, is the start of your networking and your marketing with agencies within the government. This is where the rubber hits the road. You wanna actually concentrate heavily on putting in the work here so that you can start finding out who the people are that you need to talk to, meeting with them, and start planting those seeds. That’s what’s gonna help drive your future contract opportunities.”


When you already have your target market list and you understand who your customers are, that’s when you need a forecast list because now, you’re already ready to talk to agencies.

Still, this is assuming that you have your stuff together, meaning, you have suppliers, contacts, team, an experience or past performance, and lastly, you’re already ready to get into federal contracting.

If you don’t know what a target market list is, better check this video that we created. 


1. Acquisition Central

Acquisition Central probably has the widest range of forecast lists from different government agencies. Still, consider that it might not have the complete lists of agencies in their database. For instance, the Department of Defense is not there. 

In order to look for the forecast list, you basically need to visit the website and scroll down and click on the “Procurement Forecast button.” Then, you will then be redirected to the Agency Recurring Procurement Forecasts where it lists the results from different agencies. 

After that, you can then click that agency’s forecast list on the right side of the page and you will be redirected to their forecast page wherein they put the file of their forecast list along with other information. 

2. Agency’s OSDBU website

The second way is going to the agency’s website and going directly to their OSDBU page as this office mainly has small business specialists who are responsible for handling businesses that want to work with that agency.

All you have to do is just look for their OSDBU page or looking directly for their Procurement Forecast page or through searching the keyword “forecast list” on their search box. 

3. Agency OSDBU Office

If you can’t find that agency’s forecast list in those two ways, then it would be best to actually pick up the phone and email their office or call their OSDBU hotline.

They will either point you in the direction of the list or they’ll actually send you to maybe a particular small business region that’s more specifically focused on the criteria that you want. 

Still, you should consider that these three ways will be of no value if you call and ask for a particular NAICS code that they aren’t buying. You should know beforehand what products and services they want. 


Apart from using the forecast list as a way to inform you about future projects of a specific agency, you can also use this to actually learn about certain information that you might need in doing your paperwork. 

This is essentially because aside from the basic information of the solicitation release date and the award date, this also tells you about the pricing and structure, as well as gives you understanding on how the contract reads for your particular industry. 


1. Create networking opportunities. 

The forecast list mainly helps you make a  connection with the small business specialist because when you meet with them, you already have particular opportunities that you want to discuss.

Aside from that, it also helps you connect with the incumbents who are already doing business with that specific agency.

You can then reach out to them and actually talk about specific products and services that you offer within his particular contract vehicle.

2. Gain decision makers’ contact information. 

Aside from contract opportunities, the forecast list also lists different points of contact and their contact information.

In fact, that information is pretty much across the board on every forecast list of every agency. 

3. Lunch and learn. 

The people who are usually putting the contracts out don’t know how each project works. This is why they’re always looking for people and companies that do this day in and day out. Hence, this is where you can lunch and learn with them. 

With this, you can start communicating with them for them to learn about you while you also learn about specific contracts or a particular forecast where you can showcase your expertise.

4. Determine the events to attend. 

You need to be in places where the engineers and points of contacts are gonna be. That’s how you help determine the events to go to.


Now that you know what a forecast list is and what to do with it, the next thing to do is to actually actually communicate with your small business specialists and other target people. 

Again, you should only trust the process. Get your target market list and your agency’s forecast list, schedule meetings with the OSDBU, and start making yourself known within a government agency.

With this in mind, let me help you become an incumbent and achieve your goal and your lifetime dream of earning all that you can in the federal marketplace.

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Find out what agencies are buying TODAY using Forecast List!

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