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Leverage these local opportunities to provide products and services to the government! Here’s a guide to tell you how.


While looking for potential projects for my potential client, one of the agencies that I was looking at is the National Park Service.

Good thing, I  had the privilege of speaking with someone from the Denver Service Center and this person gave me some ideas on how we could potentially land a contract with the National Park Service.

1. Look for DOI’s forecast list.

The first thing that you should do is visit the Department of Interior’s website to see their forecast list. 

With this, type the term “Department of the Interior Forecast list” on your search bar. The first results should be about the procurement opportunities on their website, so click on that. 

Afterwards, you will then be transported to their Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization’s procurement opportunities page. Scroll down past that and you will see the document of their procurement opportunities within that year. 

2. Download the forecast document. 

Once you click that document, it will then be downloaded to your computer. 

Then, when you pull up that spreadsheet, it will provide you a list of different opportunities organized by contract types. It also gives you the name of the opportunity, the value range of the job, where the place performance is, and the point of contact and their numbers. 


For a lot of people out there who are looking for simplified acquisition or micro-purchases, this is a great opportunity for you to solicit directly to a national park in your local area and to also find a potential opportunity to work with local government agencies near you.

In fact, I want to compare this opportunity to more of like a state or a local contract because it’s close in terms of proximity to your actual physical location.

However, the good thing is, you’re getting federal past performance and federal jobs although these are just smaller projects. 

You could easily sort this forecast list by state and you could pick or choose the ones that are closest to you. There might be 10 or 15 local contracts within your area that you can easily reach out to. 

And even if you’re not successful in landing something right now, you still have the opportunity to make connections and build relationships with agencies and clients near you. 

“From my understanding, if the person at the local level is, right, they like you and they want to do business with you,they can then refer that back up to the Denver Service Center for larger contracts, for larger opportunities, for set aside jobs, for negotiating type proposals.”

So, this is your tip for today. Take advantage of using a forecast list with over a thousand of opportunities in order to identify potential future clients, future jobs, and future opportunities coming up!


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