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SOURCES SOUGHT: Fence and Gate Repairs

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The United States (US) Army Garrison Directorate of Public Works (DPW) is seeking information to provide fence and gate repairs at the US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC), General Greene Avenue (formerly Kansas St.), Natick, MA.

This is not a Solicitation (i.e., Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, or Invitation for Bids) or an indication that the Army Contracting Command (ACC) will contract for the services contained in the Sources Sought. This Sources Sought is part of a Government market research effort to determine the scope of industry experience, capabilities and interest and will be treated as information only. This market survey is for planning purposes only.  The NAICS for this requirement is 238990 with a size standard of $16,500,000.00.

Responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responses to this Sources Sought are strictly voluntary and no reimbursement will be made by the Government to respondents for information provided in response to this Sources Sought. Responses to this Sources Sought will not be returned and respondents will not be notified of the result of the review. If a Solicitation is issued, it will be announced on the Federal Business Opportunities website at a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that Solicitation announcement separately from any response to this announcement. This Sources Sought does not restrict the Government’s acquisition approach on a future Solicitation.


The US Army is soliciting information from industry to provide fence and gate repairs at the US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC), General Greene Avenue (formerly Kansas St.), Natick, MA. Project includes the removal and installation of new galvanized fence components for the NSSC Installation Perimeter Fence. Items to be removed and replaced are barbed wire, double outriggers “V” shaped, fence top rails and fence posts, and associated hardware. The primary responsibilities being sought are repairs to perimeter chain link fence, clearing of shrubs/landscape removal at the perimeter fence and removing the rear service gate to install a new gate and motorized operation and controls.


Please provide a brief capabilities statement package (no more than 5 pages in length, single spaced, 10-point minimum font) demonstrating your ability to meet the following requirements:

1.1. Perimeter Fence: Project includes the removal and installation of new galvanized fence components for the NSSC Installation Perimeter Fence. Items to be removed and replaced are barbed wire, double outriggers “V” shaped, fence top rails and fence posts, associated hardware and as indicated below. All fence components must comply with UFC 4-022-03 Security Fences and Gates 01 OCT 2013

1.1.1. Total length of perimeter fence: +/- 10,000 feet.

1.1.2. Estimated Double Outriggers “V” shape needing to be replaced: 70

1.1.3. Estimated amount of barb wire to be replaced: 21,000 LF

1.1.4. Estimated amount of fence posts to be replaced: 10

1.1.5. Estimated amount of fence top rails to be replaced: 8

1.1.6. Contractor shall provide submittals for all fence components as directed in Section 8 of this SOW

1.2. Landscape Removal: 70 sections (12 lineal feet +/- per section) are heavily covered by vegetation and have to be clear removed. The tree limbs in close proximity of the perimeter fence will need to be shortened. Coordination with COR and DPW Environmental will be required for removal of tree limbs.

1.2.1. Estimated fence covered by vegetation: =/+ 740 LF

1.2.2. Estimated amount of tree limbs to be removed: 20 trees will be marked for branches to be cut on both sites of the fence.

1.3. Swing and sliding gates (DeFranzo Service Gate): Project includes the removal and installation of a new entry control gate. The work consists, but not limited to, new mechanical/electrical equipment for gate operations, new cantilever sliding gate and new pedestrian gate. The entry control gates must be in accordance with UFC 4-022-03 Security Fences and Gate 01 OCT 2013 and UFC-4-022-01-2017 Entry Control Facilities Access Control Points 07 July 2017.

1.3.1. Remove for installation all mechanical equipment, electrical devices, motor housings and associated automatic fence equipment in its entirety.

1.3.2. Remove all cantilever vehicular gate components in its entirety.

1.3.3. Remove all swinging gate components in its entirety.

1.3.4. Install new automatic gate equipment, to ensure full operation of a fully functioning cantilever vehicular sliding gate.

1.3.5. Install new cantilever vehicular sliding gate to include fence components as directed in fore mentioned UFCs.

1.3.6. Install new swinging gate to include all fence components as directed in fore mentioned UFCs.

1.3.7. Contractor shall provide submittal for all gate components as directed in Section 8 of this SOW.

1.3.8. All work on the gates and the fence includes all testing upon replacement.

1.4. Security Monitoring Devices: The perimeter fence and DeFranzo Service Gate uses a fiber-optic cable to monitor the perimeter fence. The contractor shall not move or damage this cable. The cable will need to be removed and reinstalled at the DeFranzo Service Gate and potentially at areas of the perimeter fence in order to conduct the work. For the removal and reinstallation of the fiber-optic cable, the contractor shall use the Installations Security Service Provider, METRO Surveillance Systems, Inc. (866-500-6387 x10) so they may provide a sub-contractor proposal for the work. The contractor will coordinate all work with METRO as part of Contracts SOW.  The contractor shall notify the COR a minimum of 72 hour prior to any work involving the fiber-optic cable so Installation Security can be notified of the areas to be disrupted. In addition, the fiber-optic cable MUST BE PROTECTED from damage.

1.5. Scheduling: All work at the perimeter fence must be scheduled and indicate in the schedule the location of the work. This schedule will be given to the installation security so allow them notification as to areas along the perimeter when potential intrusion alarms may be activated. The contractor shall update the schedule daily if the previously schedule deviates from time and dates.

1.6. Period of Performance: The anticipated period of performance for this project is forty-three (43) working days from the date the Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued. The period of performance does not include lead time for sliding and swing gates.


The Government is conducting this market research to identify potential manufacturers/vendors, and acquire information on the types and sizes of businesses that will be able to compete on future contracting actions, potential costs, and delivery capabilities.

Any relevant company background/experience, business category, costs, and other information that the company believes demonstrates their value/ability to meet the aforementioned requirements, should be included. All information and evaluation results will be Controlled Unclassified Information (formerly referred to as For Official Use Only) and used for Government purposes only. Proprietary/Competition Sensitive information (appropriately marked) will be protected from disclosure to the greatest extent practical, however it is preferred that respondents do not provide proprietary or otherwise restricted responses.

Technical capability statements and any questions shall be submitted to Mr. Timothy Konetzny and Ms. Eileen Emond by 1700 on 05 July 2022. Absolutely no requests for extensions will be honored. Late responses will not be considered. This notice is for information only. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR QUOTATION. No solicitation document exists for this action.

The results of this Sources Sought will be used to determine the method of soliciting this requirement, i.e., 100% set-aside for Small Business, Sole Source, or on an Unrestricted basis.

After review of the submitted Sources Sought, ACC-APG, Natick Contracting Command will release a Combined Synopsis/Solicitation to Industry regarding the acquisition strategy/decision (i.e., Unrestricted, Small, Small Disadvantaged, 8(a), Women-Owned, HUBZone, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Set Aside, Sole Source).  It is anticipated that the Combined Synopsis/Solicitation will be posted in July 2022.  The resulting Contract will use Firm Fixed Price (FFP) provisions.


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  • Original Set Aside: 
  • NAICS Code: 238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
  • Place of Performance: Natick , MA 01760 USA

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