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“Evolve or Die?” — Savor Life vs. Make Impact

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“If nature or anything were perfect, it wouldn’t be evolving.” – Ray Dalio.

Are you evolving on your journey in entrepreneurship or are you allowing the difficulties to crush you?

Evolution can be a personal topic. However, the bottom line is we are all constantly evolving. Evolution is naturally occurring. Nature evolves, we evolve, and hopefully you are evolving in your daily life. In other words, learning and growing. Adapting to the curve balls life throws your way.

As you evolve, you must intentionally choose and learn how to use the difficulties in life to propel and teach you instead of crush you.

“The key is to fail, learn and improve quickly. If you’re constantly learning and improving, your evolutionary process will be ascending. To do it poorly will be descending.” – Ray Dalio.

bud growing through rocks- evolvingThis is something we should all be reflecting on daily. How to evolve and adapt just as nature does. Learning, growing, analyzing, refocusing and restructuring, in order to turn things around in our lives. If you are an entrepreneur and/or will be working in federal contracting, this is key to the foundation of your business and your well-being.

Things can be great and go amazingly, but they can also go very wrong. Unless you are mentally prepared or aware of how to handle these ups and downs, your journey in this process will be harder than it needs to be.

“Success is not a monetary thing. It’s you doing the best you can with what you have.”- Eric Coffie

In the following video, Founder of GOVCON GIANTS, Eric Coffie, humbly encourages you in the process of entrepreneurship and succeeding in life. As well as, in the process of federal contracting and being fiscally responsible. Expanding and reflecting on Ray Dalio’s book, “Principles,” Coffie explains real-life examples you can relate to and connect with.

“There’s no avoiding pain. Especially if you’re going after ambitious goals. The challenges you face will strengthen you. If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing your limits. If you’re not pushing your limits, you’re not maximizing your potential. Most things in life just are that, they’re just things. The higher you ascend, the more effective you become at working with reality to shape your outcomes towards your goals. What at one point seemed impossible, complex, it then becomes simple.” – Eric Coffie

Watch the video below for a burst of confidence and motivation. Make the choice to light a fire within yourself.

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