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Elizabeth Jimenez: Managed Service Provider Tells You The Best Way To Grow Your Business

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Have you recently started a business and felt like there was too much on your plate? 

There are so many aspects that need tending to when building a business, and it’s common to feel overwhelmed. It’s normal to feel like you have a never-ending to-do list and you don’t have enough hours in the day to complete them.

Learn from Elizabeth Jimenez as she talks about managed service provider companies and how they can help you grow your business.


Elizabeth Jimenez is the Executive Director for Market Strategy Development at NeoSystems.  She is responsible for building and managing strategic relationships with clients and driving the company’s vision to the right path.

She is involved in many organizations that are committed to helping people in the federal arena. She is a co-founder of The Cyber Guild; a non-profit focused on transforming cyber groups into a cohesive human-centric organizational fabric. 

But her efforts don’t stop there! She’s also an Executive Director and Advisory Chair of the Uniting Women in Cyber, an annual conference dedicated to celebrating women in cybersecurity. 

Elizabeth has a bachelor of arts degree from Radford University and is a registered practitioner of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program from the Department of Defense.


NeoSystems provides various services from systems implementations and integrations to back-office, and operational functions support in several industries from financial, HR, and, more recently, IT and cybersecurity.

They can integrate and manage essential business systems in a way that is easier for business owners to maneuver because these systems could be inter-connected to each other.

The services offered may depend on what the business seeks in help, but either way, NeoSystems could adjust to your needs.

Managed Service Provider: Do Businesses Need It?

What is a managed service provider? It is an organization that takes on specific functions on behalf of the client. 

There are so many components to starting a business that it becomes overwhelming for most people. So outsourcing some aspects of it might not be the worst idea. On the contrary, it might do more good than bad. 

While you focus on building the business itself, all the operational and back-end activities, which not everyone is an expert on, will be taken care of.

“For example,  you are moving into a new office building, and you have to have phone systems and cabling lined up for you; what do you need first to get everything in place? A managed service provider would set all that up for you.”

Elizabeth shares that some companies seem to be lost when growing their business because they don’t know how to secure their operations from the ground up foundationally.

Importance of Cyber Hygiene In The Federal Arena

When it comes to working with government contracts, compliance has always been important. 

Elizabeth explains that compliance pertains to a business’s ability to check all the boxes needed for the federal government to be confident in the service that they provide. 

Compliance, however, doesn’t necessarily mean secure, and that is where cyber hygiene comes in. There have been countless cyber-attack incidences, and it’s a matter of “not if but when?”.

With an increasing number of users and systems in the modern tech world, the need for cybersecurity continues to grow as we are dealing with sensitive or confidential data. 

It’s possible to have inefficiencies or vulnerabilities in your system, and, according to Elizabeth, taking more personal responsibility for your company’s cyber hygiene is the best way of securing your future.


“It’s essential for businesses who are just starting to look for foundational support around operations and strategic business strategies because that will help them wisely grow. But, beyond business strategies, there is also a need for understanding business risks.”

Having a business involves different aspects, and Elizabeth encourages businesses to ask for help regarding these things, especially those they lack knowledge of. It’s okay not to know everything.

Reach out to a managed service provider company and look for a trusted advisor that understands your industry and clients. This is the best way for your company to move forward.

Moreover, working together with a company that could advise you regarding compliance and security is also vital. If you want to grow your business, then you have to look at making these specific investments.

In doing all these necessary steps, It’s going to cause you something, but it’s not going to cost you your arm and leg. So would you rather take that risk or lose your business? It’s your choice.


If you want to learn more about Elizabeth Jimenez’s experiences and insights learned along the way, then be sure to click the resources below. You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu, where you know everything about government contracting!

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