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Dr. Krystal Nerio: From Air Force to President of Prosperitus Solutions

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Learn from Dr. Krystal Nerio as she shares her journey that led to building of President of Prosperitus Solutions, as well as her advice for small businesses, especially women-owned.


After graduating high school, Dr. Krystal Nerio’s older sister urged her to join the U.S. Air Force. During these years of being a full time logistician, she also went to night school to pursue her education. 

Then, after spending six years serving the nation, she returned to the US and began working at different small and large businesses. She had also managed and oversaw the Air Force Mentor Protege Program

It was then Ted Terrazas, the former owner of TerraHealth Inc., who encouraged her to take the leap and start her own business, after he sold his company and she’s left to start the next chapter of her life. 

Currently, Dr. Nerio is the President of Prosperitus Solutions, her successful medical logistics staffing firm that provides innovative manpower and project management solutions in the government space. 

Apart from that, she is also the Senior Managing Partner at Nerio Enterprises, where they provide strategic leadership and management of existing real estate portfolios, and the Chairwoman of Global Chamber San Antonio, an international trade and development organization. 

Above all of these, Dr. Krystal Nerio is a proud Hispanic woman who sets an example for all women in the minorities. 

“When I saw that Hispanic women didn’t even make a mark in higher education, it was like, okay, this is not about me anymore. It’s about, you know, my future didn’t, you know, the future generations to come. It’s about making that example for them. So, that’s when I was like, ‘Okay, I gotta do this now.’ So, I changed my mindset on why I was there and that’s how I finished my PhD.”


Dr. Nerio returned to the US when she was 23 years old but in transitioning to being a civilian, she found that her NCO logistics background doesn’t equate much, so once Home Depot decided to hire her, she accepted the job. 

“So, I was getting adjusted to life on US soil and also trying to figure out, ‘Okay, what am I going to do now?’ ‘Cause I was told what to do for six years. So I was told what to wear. I was told where to go. So, it was, truly, I’m having to adjust to civilian life and also adjust to who I am, finding myself.”

Meanwhile, she then got a call from General Dynamics for a logistics job and this was where she learned how to really get in front of the door and learn writing resumes.

“Probably the only difference was, is what? Our war.”


In starting her business, Dr. Nerio found it easier as Mr. Terrazas, her mentor, had already helped her build relationships and to work in the same environment.

“I was fortunate and blessed that I had been working in those environments for my mentor. I had been doing that for the last three years. You know, hitting the pavement, shaking those hands, getting those contracting officers day in and day out, and so when I switched hats, it was a little easier for me because they knew me.”

The only thing that she did to separate herself from her old employer, TerraHealth Inc., was rebranding and showing that she can do it, even with a different role as an owner.

Then, as part of her company’s growth, they started to provide administrative and medical services aside from logistics, as well as, build their past performance through teaming and partnerships. 

“I had been working with a lot of different prime contractors and it’s a very small world. You just pick up the phone to, to do a reference check real quick, you know… And you, you have to say what you do and do what you say. You have to be a person of your word because in this business, I mean, we’re all at the end of the day, we’re here to, you know, help each other and help each other grow.”

Aside from building her company’s success, Dr. Nerio also aims to help other veterans, in their transitions to the civilian world. The ultimate goal is to put the veterans back in an environment that they’re familiar with: civil service or permanency.

“I knew the struggle of what it was when I got in the military and not knowing what I was going to do or what was next. And so and I say their dependence as well because they’ve been along for the ride and sometimes after retirement, now it’s their time to, it’s a shine or maybe it’s now it’s their time that they want to pursue what they’ve been wanting to do for a while, but they couldn’t do to military life.”

When asked about the story behind Prosperitus Solutions’ logo, she revealed that it is like an ancient culture symbol where it starts small and continues growing. 

“I think as just people in general, we need to be constantly growing and seeking knowledge to be better. Not only for our family but, you know, for others.”


In their third year in business, Dr. Nerio thought that building a business might not be for her. However, that next day, someone called to give them an opportunity. If she decided to give up early, what do you think will happen to that opportunity? 

“Don’t give up. You’re going to have those sleepless nights. You’re gonna have those stressful, most stressful moments. But just keep at it every day. If it’s something that you truly are passionate about and that, you know, you want it more than anything in this world, just keep going after it. You’re going to have a struggle in the beginning, but it won’t be for long. You know, it will not be for longer. You’ll have that one moment, that right when you’re about to give up, that next door just opens up.”


In building her business, Dr. Nerio found quite a few women in business and when she found one, she tried to really hold on to their relationship. 

“You know what advice I would give is to be a good mentor to another women-owned business. Because there were so few of us that I struggle finding a female mentor, believe it or not. And my mentors have been men… And so my advice is, you know, once you do become established and you do have wisdom and knowledge to share, definitely embrace another woman-owned small business.”


If you want to learn more on how Dr. Krystal Nerio built and expanded Prosperitus Solutions, then be sure to click the resources below.

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From Air Force to President of Prosperitus Solutions

024: Dr. Krystal Nerio – From Air Force to President of Prosperitus Solutions, a Multi-National Medical & Logistics Staffing Firm

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