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Doing business with the federal government for IT companies

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Over the last several weeks I have noticed an uptick in the amount of companies wanting to do federal contracting for IT related services. This includes programmers, network administrators, software design, hardware design, security implementation, the whole gambit.

However, many of them often have the same questions. How do I break into this marketplace? Who should I call, what activities should I be doing?

Over the last dozen or so emails my response has been the same time and time again. So I figured why not create a blog post to help provide guidance to those persons needing to find their way.

For most IT companies they have a difficult time understanding the inner workings of government and how to break in. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Does the government buy your product/service from a Best in Class vehicle? Which ones?
  • Are you interested in SBIR/STTR?
  • Can you develop custom applications?
  • Do you have a specialty area? Software, application type
  • Are you familiar with OTA, CSO and BAA?
  • What products have you delivered successfully?

If you are unfamiliar with any of the words above then I recommend you do some of the HW assignments below.

This will help familiarize you with various ways in which the government buys IT related services. Additionally, this will dramatically increase your knowledge base and vocabulary in this marketplace; something that will help you get up to speed rather quickly.

Recommended HW:

  1. Listen to my podcast episode with software company Fearless.They created the SBA HUBZone map and the website. Podcast or YouTube
  2. Watch my YouTube video discussing submitting unsolicited proposals, white papers and quad charts with Pierce Robinson. Watch now
  3. Listen to episode with Dr. Grant former director of SBIR/STTR at NASA. Listen now.
  4. Research Best In Class vehicles. Category Management using GSA new search tool. Head there now.
  5. Try and answer the Seven Critical Question test from the Silicon Valley Way. Take test now

Hope this helps some people out there to try and get clarity where often none can be found.

/ EC

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