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Data Link Solutions LLC Awarded $150M for blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) for electronic equipment cabinets

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Data Link Solutions LLC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (N00039-21-A-1001); and DRS Laurel Technologies Partnership, Johnstown, Pennsylvania (N00039-21-A-1002), are each awarded $150,000,000 firm-fixed-price blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) for electronic equipment cabinets. These BPAs cover the production of up to 150 units per contractor along with the associated program management, testing, and logistics support to deliver the units. Units will be manufactured in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with an expected completion date of January 2023. The total potential value of these BPAs is $150,000,000 per vendor. The total length of the ordering period is 24 months. Fiscal 2021 other procurement (Navy) funds will be obligated on a delivery order level issued under the BPA at the time of placement of individual delivery calls. These BPAs were negotiated using the procedures defined under Federal Acquisition Regulation 13.5 for individual orders less than $15,000,000. The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, San Diego, California, is contracting. 

Data Link Solutions, LLC (DLS) provides Link 16 terminals and software solutions. The Company offers multi-functional information technology system, joint tactical information distribution system, and ancillary equipment, as well as logistics and support services. (

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