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  • 8 Govcon Coach Credits*
    4 Monthly Executive Call**

    20+ Govcon Courses
    100+ Govcon Resources And Templates
    Business Assessment
    SWOT Analysis
    Market Overview
    Up to (5) Proposal / RFI
    Market Report
    Bid Opportunities
    Help Desk
    Business Development Training

    *Coaching credits only applicable during the duration of coaching subscription.


All of the following included:

Credit reference

Live Interviews

Easy access to thriving community

Step-by-step video tutorials

Discount on events

Expert help

Access to private GG Facebook Group

Monthly Members Only Masterclass

Partner matching

Trade reference

Access & introduction to clients

Course completion certificates

Business Development

Sample Proposals

Capture Management

Dedicated resource specialist

Priority chat, email & business hour phone support

Mock phone calls

Client success calls

Proposal Writing and more

Contract Officer objection handling training

*1 credit = 30 minute call    ** Senior Staff Member

All services must be used within the period of purchase. Services cannot be rolled over or credited for future use. Upon cancellation enrollee has 30 days to use any remaining calls.


All of the following included:


*1 credit = 30 minute call    ** Senior Staff Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

I remember applying for my 8a certification back in 2015. It took nearly 2 years to complete all the requirements in the manner that they requested. Once again It was rejected, they said too much of my income came from one source. Meanwhile I picked up $5.3 million in contracts for my company Evankoff and another $4.8 million for a consultant client company. To date I still do not have my 8a certificate but maybe one day they will approve me.

Like many people getting started I thought I needed a fancy office and a full TEAM to get started. But long behold I landed my first contract within 6 months of incorporating my business because I partnered up with an established firm. Since the contract and everything went into his company name my business history did not matter. We used his accounts, his credit, and his money. I just invoice for the project and collected my slice of the profit. It was sweeter than building my own company.

One of my consulting clients in Warwick, RI said to me that he only wanted to bid projects that were sole source or set aside projects. No open market stuff. He said, “Disregard ALL other projects because construction is competitive and we cannot be the cheap guy and still make money.”

After some preliminary research I reached out to an agency that informed me of a project that was on the market with no bidders. The contract specialist asked me politely if I could bid the project so that the agency could receive at least 1 offer because they really needed the work done. I convinced my client to bid the project.

It turned out that we were in fact the only bidder. Big surprise. After a brief negotiation on price (we were really high) they awarded us the project. Like most people looking at the RFP screen I thought every job was ultra competitive. Turns out that some jobs have 1 or no competitors.

After watching my YouTube Videos one of my students (a FT nurse administering medication to patients) saw an area of the market where she could quickly become a vendor reseller for the medication supplies. Within a few months she incorporated her business, applied to become a product distributor, secured supplier credit and started bidding jobs.

Within 6 months she landed a 10-month contract providing diabetes monitoring and testing equipment to a government hospital. She used her expertise of the field to transition into a business opportunity. Most people have some expertise in their current job and can easily turn that into a business selling to the government.

I can remember it like it was yesterday when I started attending the event circuit. I went to Chamber of Commerce meetings, National association meetings, signed up for PTAC, joined the organizations paid my dues and attended the low cost seminars. They taught me how to do price proposals, how to do accounting, but no one ever showed me how to win sole source jobs.

I never added up the amount of time and money I was spending. Turned out to be thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity.