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Cesar Nader: Master the Process and Gain Success!

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Master the process of building a successful business with Cesar Nader!


Cesar Nader is a retired U.S. Marine who served the country for over 20 years.

During his service, he completed two combat tours and graduated from three undergraduate majors, two minors, two master’s programs, and studied Chinese and French.

After living abroad, he returned to the country in 2011 and built X Corp Solutions, providing professional services support including cybersecurity, counterintelligence, information technology, and training and education. 

Apart from this, Nader is also the acting Director of the American Cyber League, the Executive Director of the Cyber Bytes Foundation, and an executive coach teaching businesses in mastering the process and gaining success.

“We never think of what we do as a money-making proposition, but rather as a fulfilling thing that will permeate and create ripple effects for others. So, we thrive on the success of others.” 


When Cesar Nader retired from the Marines, he built his company, X Corp Solutions, with the goal of doing something greater while also making sure that it can sustain her five children. 

During that time, Nader became interested in real estate and in that process, he also learned about government contracting. He was then inspired by a mentor who also got out of the Marines, built a company, and hired his fellow veterans. 

At first, he modeled his company on Booz Allen, but he realized that these two companies were not really in the same category; so, he researched and persevered and found that he needed to master and improve the process. 

“You take these components and you build it together more efficiently, and then your success in how you exceed expectations. And so you start cranking the engine. So, for me, it was learning the process, mastering it, then making (it) more efficient, and then hitting it again and again, and just going after it in a more efficient, with more partners, more robust pipeline, you name it, right?”


Through the Cyber Bytes Foundation, Nader also built a Cyber Security Center of Excellence in Stafford, Virginia.

With the use of this cyber ecosystem, they can help train people and provide a place for individuals to build their own technology.

Apart from this, they can also be a member of the American Cyber League wherein they, together with other companies, address research and innovation issues within their industries.

“It’s essentially a place for any company to come… We will help you. No cost, no expectation of payment. We want to bring the solutions to the government and let the government pay for those solutions and fund the projects.”


In building and managing his business, Nader also faced a handful of hardships and problems with other individuals whom he trusted. However, he continues to believe that the sun will always come out. 

“We never stay in the Valley of the shadows. And if you are willing to just keep walking in either direction, at some point, the terrain starts to go up, no matter how low you think you’ll go, it starts to go up. But if you stop in sulk and suffer and ask yourself, Oh my God, where am I? What am I going to do? You’re going to just get stuck. And you’re going to camp out in the Valley of the shadows. And then you can become a nomad in the Valley of shadows.”

Aside from that, he continuously masters the process and becomes efficient at what he does. He was not the number one but he managed to be on the top. 

“It’s like, listen, if I did it, you can too, it’s just follow the process, become disciplined, obsessed with it. And once you master it, find ways to make it more efficient. There lies the real success, because when you make it more efficient, you have something you can sell better than your competitors.”

Ultimately, he knows how to ensure that he does what he should do as the leader of his company, as well as be an inspiration for other people. 

“You may make yourself a CEO at the beginning, but you will only remain a CEO if you’re able to solve those problems that people expect you to solve, because that is your most important job to take care of your people and make sure that the company is there for them to continue.”                                                   


1. Master the process.

You can’t grow your business when you don’t even know the process, deal with it in the right manner, and create an efficient pipeline out of it. 

“A lot of people think that you got to where you did by just walking around aimlessly and you got lucky. ‘Oh, he got lucky because he’s got a great, look at his smile, that’s how I get business.’ Or, ‘He got lucky because she came from the right school.’ You learn the process, mastered it, improved it, and then work on making it, you know, exceed expectations.” 

2. Respond to RFIs. 

A request for information or sources sought notice may not get you a contract award but it will get you into the game.

And if you’re persistent and consistent, you will continue to become one of those thoughts in their mind. 

3. Don’t be afraid of rejections.

You’ll be in so much pain when you receive your first rejection, but, instead of crying over it, you should use it as a motivation to focus on your first win. 

“To me, rejection is a joy because we know that the more we get the closer we are to a win. If you’re afraid of rejection, you already started on the wrong path. It’s like, I, and I say this to everybody, don’t focus on success, focus on rejection, because if you’re okay with rejection, you will be less sensitive to the no.”

4. Have a positive mindset. 

There will always be challenges. regardless if you’re still on your way up or you’re already on the top. What makes the differences is how you look at it. 

5. Ask tough questions.

Get off the sidelines and don’t be afraid to ask, regardless of how many questions you have, because by the time your questions are answered, you become an expert in the process. 

“The only thing you can do is make those camels drink the water because you essentially have the well to them. You brought the well filled with water, unless you beat them with salt so they can get thirsty, these camels are not going to drink the water.”

6. Help others succeed. 

All of us want success but don’t try to focus on the steps that you’re taking, but on the people that you meet along the way because in the end, you’re not going to be counting dollars but counting relationships. 

“The success that you build is based on what you just saw here, a chemistry shared by a passion to help others. So, try to do the same. And if you are successful, remember one thing and that is to help someone else, reach down, grab a hold and pick them up and get them gone.”


If you want to learn more on how Cesar Nader mastered the process of building a successful business, then be sure to click the resources below. You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

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