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Alex Omeke: Cab Driver’s Son Won His First Contract!

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Learn more about Alex Omeke, the son of a cab driver who won his first government contract!


Alex Omeke grew up in a family that owned a cab company outside of Houston, Texas. 

Growing up, Omeke learned the importance of customer service because of this business where they answer phone calls from customers 24/7.

Even until graduating and with his previous and current jobs, customer service is still a top priority.

Currently, he is the Site Lead or the Task Order Project Manager at the NorthTide Group.

“We grew up where people did depend on us at any time because you know, you never know what somebody needs. So, bottom line is customer service was serious.”


While working on a job abroad as a Project Manager, a conversation with another employee prompted Omeke to make a path of his own. 

Although the first few years have not been easy, he was able to enhance more of his capabilities in terms of information technology and build more of his brand. 

Then, because of COVID-19, he thought of going to Unison Global to look for easy wins and found a contract looking for technicians in order to maintain a software. 

While looking at the contracts, he also contacted people who have 20 or 30 years of experience who will help him fulfill the contract. 

Afterwards, he got the quote and sent the proposal and it took only 21 days before he received the news that he won the contract. 

“It’s crazy, but I saw it, and I learned that I finally gave into the fact that you get what you want and just say, ‘You know what? It’s true,’ because we just don’t, sometimes we just don’t aim high enough. I’m a site manager, right? I want to be excited. Here I am.”

Currently, they are still performing the job and he is even working early in the morning just to make sure that everything’s in sync. 

“Now, I can’t stop. That’s the problem because it’s 2 a.m. in the morning, I wake up, just trying to… make sure everything’s in sync, so, I don’t care, I’m excited. I wake up with energy. I wake up with joy and just, I can go all day with this.”


1. Have the basic foundation.

You need to have the basic foundation about government contracting if you want to dive into the govcon marketplace. 

Just have the basic foundation. You don’t have to learn everything because you will learn more about it when you actually start doing the work. 

So, hurry up in getting the basic information, learn the process, and start working. 

“Just like building any tree, that foundation has to be solid, but once you have that, just take it and run with it and you touch on it like you can’t have that fear.”

2. Make a difference.

The world needs new people with new ideas that could help our modern problems. So, start working with your idea right now and make a difference towards the life of these people. 

“When you work, when you take these contracts, you need to understand how real of a difference you’re making.”

3. Live your dream.

Instead of sitting around thinking, “Oh, I wish I had this,” or “What if I would have done that?” Why not do the job instead?

Remember, you only have one life, so live your dream right now and do the necessary things that will help you achieve what you want with your life. 

“Just hurry up. Learn and get in there because this thing’s not gonna wait for you. We get older.”


If you want to learn more how Alex Omeke won his first government contract, then be sure to click the resources below.

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

03: Cab Driver’s Son won his First Contract! – Alex Omeke


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