Govcon Giants

8-week Bootcamp

8-week bootcamp (4 live sessions) - making real phone calls, talking to real people, answering customer insecurities, talking to government officials about contracts in 2021


This event is reserved for our registered Govcon EDU students only.

If you are interested in learning about Federal Contracting and how to WIN more CONTRACTS, you must be enrolled in Govcon 1.0 or 2.0 course first. Click here to enroll now.

Week 1: Making the strongest team possible: what key players you need and where to find them

    • What are the pillars of success
    • 5 must have people you need on your team (business development, admin, payroll person, proposal writer, project manager/project executive )
    • What are the roles and responsibility of each person
    • How to find, recruit and hire those persons
    • How to fill those gaps without the funding
    • What if I don’t have the positions what are my alternatives

Week 2: Activity: Who got your money - identify them

Week 3: Find your federal buyers: the players, dealmakers and who’s got my money

    • Identifying the agencies that want to do business with me 
    • Identifying the prime contractors that have major federal projects in my market
    • How to navigate FREE federal databases to perform all the research I need
    • Figuring out who is the person that I should speak to within the agencies
    • Building my list of upcoming bid opportunities that are not publicly available including some simplified acquisition 

Week 4: Activity: Who got your money - identify them

Week 5: Look at trifecta approach - 3 pillars of success to winning long term federal contracting game

    • No one way to slice a cake-  learn the 3 ways that we attack every government agency
    • Developing the tools that you need in order to make the 3 pillars effective
    • Minding your federal business 
    • Understanding the relationship between various federal gatekeepers
    • Knowing who should not call is as important as who to call
    • Composing your library of tools

Week 6: Activity: Get your house in order

Week 7: Write ups that get call backs and win contracts - negotiate to win and make money

    • Implementing the steps above effectively 
    • Write award winning proposal consistently 
    • Follow/create template and guidelines to be successful 
    • Methods to responding on short notice 
    • Tricks to ensuring you covered 100% of the requirements 
    • Ways to protect your information for being shared

Week 8: Activity: Now put it in the work