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6 Reasons to Form Your Corporation Today!

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Want to do business with the government, but don’t have a business yet? Well, in this blog, let me tell you why you need one. These are the reasons to form your corporation today!


Here in Florida, when you were to actually go to and register your company, it’s just $125.00. 

It might be less than or more than that dollar amount in your state, but regardless, it will not exceed a thousand dollar.

In that sense, I even think that that amount is free, considering that there are thousands of contracts in the government marketplace worth thousands and millions of dollars.


Most government agencies, whether they’re local or federal, are always looking for a company’s history. These also include banks and other financial institutions.

So, it is best to register your company now because you can already go ahead, get the clock moving, and take that direction.

This way, if you are ready to become a prime and you need any types of credit lines or if you want to borrow money for some of your suppliers, then you already have the history and past performance. 


Once you get to form your corporation, you can already start making money by being a consultant or a subcontractor to a large prime who’s already doing the type of work in your area and the type of work that you want to do. 

The only thing to consider is that you already know the product and services that you want to offer.


If you don’t know what your products and services are yet, it’s okay because you can start learning by researching the marketplace and finding out where the opportunities are afterwards. 

“That’s exactly how I got started back in 2007, with no relationships, no connections, and no money. I simply jumped in, head first, and I started learning about the market, and learning about the opportunities, and then I became a consultant to a much larger prime, and then started working the marketplace.”


By forming a corporation, you can start spending pre-tax versus after tax dollars, and if you decide to take the route that I took, which is becoming a consultant, now you can start dispensing everything through your business.


One in three small businesses generate $100,000 a year in personal household income. That puts you in the top 10% of people nationwide for earning potential.

So why wait? Start your corporation right now!


Again, no reason to just wait for something to happen, the baby boomers are already retiring and we already understand that 80% of all contacts go to the incumbent, so it is best to create the road on our own. 

With this in mind, let me help you become an incumbent and achieve your goal and your lifetime dream of earning all that you can in the federal marketplace.

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