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210: Strategic Insights and Tenacity: Securing Department of Defense Funding with Vanessa Savas

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In today’s episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with the remarkable Vanessa Savas, a retired Air Force Colonel
with an impressive 29 years of Department of Defense experience. Her extensive and distinguished career reached its pinnacle as a Congressional and Government Relations expert for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Over the course of 12 years, Vanessa played a pivotal role in advising and collaborating with senior officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the U.S. Southern Command, and the U.S. Air Force to secure annual congressional authorizations and appropriations for the Department. Her strategic insights, tenacity, and reputation for integrity have been instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of government relations.

Beyond her illustrious Air Force career, Vanessa has worn many hats, including serving as a Customer Support Senior Engineer for Bombardier Aerospace-Learjet, the Lead Beechjet Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner at CAE SimuFlite, and even as a Commercial Airline Pilot for various airlines.

In this engaging conversation, Vanessa shared her wealth of knowledge and experiences, shedding light on the intricacies of government relations within the Department of Defense. Tune in to gain valuable insights into her role, the challenges she faced, and the importance of building relationships in the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of military service, government relations, and the aerospace industry. Let’s welcome our next giant, Vanessa Savas.

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