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209: Scoring Major Bid Opportunities in The Department of Energy with Shalaya Morissette

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In this episode, we are honored to have a powerhouse guest, Shalaya Morissette, who is making waves as the Chief of the Minority Business and Workforce Division in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), stationed within the Office of Energy Justice and Equity. Shalaya is a highly sought-after collaborator in the clean technology space, bringing a wealth of experience from her recent role in the utility sector, focusing on safety and compliance.

We talked about remarkable opportunities in clean energy manufacturing, where eight winners stand to receive $250,000. We also highlighted the importance of a clear and concise roadmap over lengthy proposals and recommend checking out the user friendly website for all the details.

We delve into the topic of unsolicited proposals and touch on an exciting future prize for nonprofits involved in community outreach. As we expand our scope internationally, we engage listeners toward USAID and the Minority Business Development Agency for global initiatives. Lastly, we delve into practical advice on strategic plays and making the most of the opportunities available, emphasizing the significance of networking and collaboration within the Govcon community.

Tune in for a dynamic discussion on elevating minorities in the energy sector and navigating the evolving landscape of clean technology. You don’t want to miss this episode with a true giant in the industry!

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