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2021 Govcon Giants Updates!

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A new year has come and with that, we have new 2021 GovCon Giants updates that you should not miss! Be sure to check these right here!


Before 2020 ends, we have published a new version of the GovCon Billion Dollar Playbook, a book that is written to guide you on what free resources or websites to use. 

Instead of paying for a third-party company to provide you different services, there are actually a handful of government websites that can provide these for free. And that’s where the Billion Dollar Playbook came to be. 

For instance, one GovCon Giants member doesn’t know what to do with his state veterans certification, but because we teach federal contracts in here, we recommended for him to visit the Veterans Business Outreach Center Program website to ask for assistance. 

“Sometimes, we are trying to rack our brain with who can I turn to for help outside of paying a lot of money, then the book, Billion Dollar Playbook, will list and spell out what are some of those resources that are available to you out there.”

That’s the same case with a lot of people in this marketplace. They don’t know what resources to use and visit.

So, to help, you can use the GovCon Billion Dollar Playbook to check the best resources for any of your government contracting needs. 


GovCon Launch, on the other hand, is a very shortened version of my story and my journey on the path of winning my first contract and on my largest contracts.

Throughout sharing my story, we also talk about how you can start to build your business and work in the federal arena.

You can also read the stories of some of my friends that came along the way and we’re along with me on this path.

Apart from that, there will also be references to some of our Youtube videos that you can use to further learn more about each stage of my govcon journey. 

So, if you want to read something that would supplement my free course and fill in some of the missing gaps, you can just get this book for a few bucks. 


This year, we will be resuming our Mastermind Monday sessions that you can watch every Monday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on our YouTube channel

With this free training that will last all the way to June, we will be having different speakers that you can communicate with during the session. 

As of now, we already have two sessions with Judy Bradt that you can freely view on our channel and you can still see more of it in the next few months. 

Remember that this training is Live, so be sure to subscribe to our GovCon Giants newsletters in order to not miss any session.


We launched a new podcast entitled, “Making a Giant” wherein we have our very own GovCon Giant Maria Martinez interview other members of our community. 

With this new podcast, we decided to highlight our Giants who won their very first contracts and what it took for them to win that. 

“I think that that will help folks out there who are just getting started in business feel a lot more confident and give them some encouragement as to the fact that this is real and this is a possibility for you.”


Recently, I was invited to join and was able to talk about state and local contracts on the new app, Clubhouse. 

Note that we’re not advertising for this app, but it might be a new platform that can open a lot more opportunities for our GovCon Giants. 


With this new year, we are bringing more content with more speakers to provide you more information about the federal marketplace. So, make sure to take advantage of these 2021 GovCon Giants updates.

Apart from that, you can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

2021 Govcon Giants Updates!!!!

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