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191: Procurement Pioneers: Unveiling GSA’s Inner Workings and Insights with Shaun Hartman (Repost)

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In this conversation, we had the privilege of interviewing Shaun Hartman, an accomplished professional with an impressive career in the United States Air Force spanning 12 years. Shaun began his journey as a firefighter and later transitioned into acquisitions, eventually becoming a Defense Industry Consultant and Regional Program Manager until 2016.

Currently, Shaun holds the esteemed positions of Combat Rescue or Medical Logistics Contract Manager in the US Air Force Reserves and Region 4 Customer Service Director of the General Services Administration, stationed at Patrick Air Force Base. He plays a crucial role in purchasing and ensuring seamless coordination between customers and vendors, effectively providing solutions and support in his capacity as a liaison.

During our engaging conversation, Shaun delved into key topics that shed light on the functioning of the General Services Administration (GSA). He elucidated on the significant responsibilities undertaken by the GSA and how they play a pivotal role in facilitating government procurement. Shaun provided valuable insights into GSA’s solicitation process, offering a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved and tips for navigating it successfully.

Furthermore, he shared invaluable advice for leveraging GSA’s eBuy platform effectively, imparting practical guidance for businesses looking to engage with the GSA. This episode offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone involved in government contracting, offering a glimpse into the intricate workings of GSA and valuable tips for a successful procurement journey. Tune in and gain invaluable insights from our conversation with Shaun Hartman.

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