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162: Black Success in Federal Contracting | Black History Month (LA Live Event)

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In this episode, we have our recently concluded live session from Chase LA featuring six top executives from the government contracting industry. These executives, who have been previously featured on our podcast, come together to share their personal experiences and insights on government contracting.

Throughout the episode, I’m sure you will gain valuable knowledge and advice from these Govcon Giants on various topics related to government contracting. From bidding on contracts to managing relationships with clients and navigating the ever-changing landscape of government regulations, these experts share their firsthand experiences and strategies for success in the industry.

Whether you’re just starting out in government contracting or looking to take your business to the next level, this episode offers valuable insights from some of the industry’s top leaders. Tune in now to hear from the Govcon Giants themselves!

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Travis Mack – President & CEO – Saalex Corporation

Laurie Sayles – President & CEO – Civility Management Solutions

Stephannie Addo – ACJ Luxury Maintenance

Corliss “Mama U” Udoema – Contract Solutions, Inc…

Eugene Tinker – Certified Technical Experts…

Words of Wisdom: Mama U Speaks on Business and Life @

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