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158: Native Hawaiian Organization with Eugene Tinker – systems engineering, war report, hiring interns, proposals versus relationships, learn from reading dummies books

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Our guest for this week’s podcast, Eugene Tinker, was born and raised in Alabama and is building two world class companies simultaneously. He is the CEO/Founder of CTE (Certified Technical Experts) and Creative Tech Group (CTG), a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) 8(a) providing Systems Engineering and Program Management Support.

He has been in the government arena for more than 14 years with a vast knowledge and expertise in government contracts. Mr. Tinker has followed well, which has led him to become an exceptional leader in various levels of government and he has multiple federal government contracts awarded under his name.

Certified Technical Experts (CTE) is an established Minority-Owned Business, Small Disadvantaged Business in Metropolitan Atlanta, GA that has been successfully focusing on providing Information Technology Solutions, Professional Medical Services & Training.

Creative Tech Group (CTG) is a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) and SBA 8(a) Certified business that provides innovative Technology Solutions and Professional Medical Services to the Federal Government and State Agencies, as well as businesses of all sizes.

As a leader in both industry and Federal Government, Mr. Tinker also oversees a mentor protégé’ program called “Falling Forward” where he mentors companies in the area(s) of government contracting and taking companies to the next level.

Grab a pen and paper or your favorite note taking app before you start I promise this will be one you must listen to it twice. Let’s welcome our next Giant, Eugene Tinker.

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