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133: Russell Teter III (Part 2) – 16,000 stories of what works and what doesn’t to get your business where you want it to be

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Today’s guest Russell Teter blew us away on the last episode. If you missed part 1 go back to episode 132 and listen closely. We covered pitfalls to small businesses, where SMB should focus their energy, why are you working so hard, and building a business that works without the owner.

In this episode we discussed really valuable tips for your business like Mapquest: where you are now versus where you want to go, getting your business valuation up to $10M, knowing math or know money, WIT – wildly important things (profitable), changing the people you hang out with, 5 degrees of separation and more.

Mr. Teter III is a Certified Executive Coach & Facilitator, Certified Business Value Builder (CVB), Certified TechVenture Facilitator, Director of Training at SBDC at University of Maryland.

Which university was the first to implement what is now known as a SBDC? Coming up at the very end is a history lesson you don’t want to miss and the answer to that question.

If you’re ready for part 2 with Internationally Certified Executive Coach / Director of Training for SBDC at University Of Maryland, welcome our next Giant, Russell Teter III.

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