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129: Pierce Robinson – How to win IT contracts without traditional RFP process

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For the last 7 days I’ve been at conferences here in Miami as it is Miami Tech Month beginning with Miami NFT week. Followed by Solana Miami, NFT CON in the Metaverse, Bitcoin Miami, and we even had time for a Cybersecurity Summit by DarkTrace.  While I did not personally attend Miami Bitcoin I did get a chance to speak at Miami NFT and NFT CON.

So you’re probably imagining what Eric is doing at an NFT conference? If you haven’t already heard, I announced the mint (that is bought in Web3 world) of my new project OSDBU. With the intent of expanding our govcon community into the meta verse and bringing the blockchain developers into the govcon world. I figured why not converge the two ecosystems.

Over the last few days I’ve met a lot of computer engineers, solidity and rust programmers, blockchain developers and entrepreneurs. My message is the same: why not bring your talents to the government sector to help serve the mission at hand?

With that said I’ve decided to bring back an episode that we did with Pierce, the CTO of Govcon giants to discuss non RFP contract opportunities for IT companies.

Pierce Robinson is also the Director of Innovation for the Start Center, former US Army Intelligence Analyst and leading the charge on a new venture Safe Source Energy.

I hope you enjoy this upcoming episode between Pierce Robinson and myself.

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