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121: Austin G. Johnson – Doing business with the Marines Corps System Command

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Today’s interview, we feature Mr. Austin G. Johnson also known as AJ who is the Deputy Associate Director of the Marine Corps Systems Command out of the infamous Quantico, Virginia.

This episode is a little bit different than our traditional podcast guests because we are interviewing the associate director of the small businesses, Mr. AJ himself and he is going to describe to us what his command does, what they buy, how they buy and also how you can participate in supporting their particular sub agency.

Now for some context, the Marine Corps System Command is a 2500 person organization and they spend 2 billion dollars per year. One famous or well known project they have is the MRAP Vehicle.

As an organization they have over 220 contracting officers and 200 program managers supporting that 2 Billion dollar per year, so let’s tune in to the episode with our next giant, Mr. Austin G. Johnson.

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