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12 Questions to Ask your PTAC for Business Growth in 2021!

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Here are the 12 questions to ask for your PTAC for your business growth this 2021!


The reason why you need to take advantage of the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) near you is because PTAC is a free organization meant to help you. 

This organization has centers across the country that can provide you with the necessary support and service that you need, in terms of government contracting. 

However, if you don’t know the questions that you should be asking your PTAC specialist, then you’re basically just wasting your time. 

The key is to ask the right questions. And this is why we have this blog for you. 

“So, ask the question. Don’t be afraid to ask again. You cannot get the answer to the question that you don’t ask.”


1. Can you help evaluate my business?

This is the first question that you should ask as it entails where you at as a business owner.

This lays out who you are, what you do, your experiences, so that the specialist can evaluate your business easily. 

This way, the PTAC specialist can recommend the type of people you need to surround yourself with or the contracting level your business fits the most. 

“That means looking at whether or not I’m fit to be a prime at the federal level, or maybe a subcontractor federal level, or maybe do I need to start at the local level to be a prime or a local subcontractor, or do I need to team up with someone to help me to be able to fill in the gaps of what I’m missing.”

2. What do I need to be successful? 

Now, after that question that showcases your background, ask your PTAC specialist what you need to be successful.

This is a different question than the first because in this case, you’re already asking what will help you to fill the gap. You’re showing them your weaknesses and with it, they may give you advice such as needing more training, getting the best possible team, etc. 

3. Can you help with market research?

So many of us ask about bidding, but if you were to bid in a market where there’s large contractors, there’s an abundance of people working on that already. 

You’re probably not going to have a good chance coming in as a newbie, however if you will ask this, they can analyze your situation and look at the region and space you’re in, and maybe determine the opportunities that exist that not everyone chases. 

“So, wouldn’t you like to know where there is an area in the market around… where there’s a whole abundance of opportunities and no one chasing them? That’s more important to me than bidding.”

4. What area are you most experienced in?

This is a question that you want to ask the PTAC person. This is not to ridicule the person, but to understand where they have more knowledge about. 

Because take it this way, it is more justifiable that someone with more experience in local contracting will surely motivate you towards that marketplace.

It’s not that they believe that you should do local contracts, they just don’t know that much thing about state or federal contracting.

“We are just trying to qualify the information that we’re receiving, so that we can make an informed decision for our business.” 

5. Do you have contacts in my industry?

Asking this won’t just help you learn about who the key person to talk to, your PTAC person may even have the contact information of these people.

“Having this type of insightful information will allow you to be able to maybe go out and pitch or do a presentation for one of these contracting officers, small business people, and then allow you to get some feedback that you wouldn’t have had before.”

6. What can I do to increase my odds for success?

How is this different from the previous questions? Well, this will help your PTAC person spark something in the back of their minds. 

“We are humans and we forget that we know certain things… and this is a way… hopefully trigger something in the back of their brain that reminds them of an opportunity of a person, of a relationship that they forgot that they had or that they didn’t think about based on your previous six questions.”

7. Have you heard of projects where no one is bidding?

There are a lot of projects from all government contracting levels that no one is bidding. And as a newbie in this marketplace, this should be something that you should take advantage of. 

8. What meetings can I attend and organizations can I join?

This question is a must. Although your PTAC person already has lessons to guide you towards your business growth, you need to learn more outside that space.

So, ask the question as it shows that you want to take initiative and you’re not just looking for free handouts.

9. Can I speak to your most successful clients?

Don’t be afraid to ask this question. Your PTAC person sure does have clients that are successful and with this, why not take advantage of that connection. 

Ask your PTAC person what events they attend, what organizations or meetings they are part of, and other similar information. 

You might not know, but there’s a possibility that you can bump into these people at an event. 

“Listen, you want to fly with eagles. In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best, right? So, you want to be around those types of people.”

10. What are some common mistakes small businesses make?

This is a great question because if your PTAC person has already been at this job for years, then they surely had people come through the door that wanted to succeed but failed. 

And with this, you can draw upon those people’s knowledge. How can you take that knowledge that they’ve got and implant it upon yourself, so that you can now learn the things that you should avoid?

“Find out what are those experiences. You want to make the most of your time and you want to gather all you know.”

11. Can you recommend a training that is low-cost or free?

Sometimes people forget about the resources that they have, so you should ask this question. 

“You have to be intentional in your meeting and what you’re asking for and ask them specifically this question, ‘Can you recommend any free or low cost training that I can take to further my knowledge?’”

12. Have you heard of GovCon Giants?

This question is something that we slid in this blog because GovCon Giants is a national non-profit organization. We are all across the United States and we’re growing… and we are providing training. 

Consider that PTAC receives millions of fundings to provide matching and training services to businesses. And with this, you might be able to spend days with someone from us to help you and your business. 


As part of our goal to help all of you reach your business growth this 2021, we also want to lay out these 12 questions to ask your PTAC person. 

Still, make sure that you take the first step in the process and go to your nearest PTAC. Let them know that you are a serious candidate to be in the next multi-million dollar corporation and you need their help.

If you want to learn more about this topic, then check our full video below. You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

12 Questions to ask your PTAC for Business Growth in 2021

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